Saturday, August 23, 2014

8/23/14 - (MTC) First night

My Beautiful Ohana,

It's my first night in the MTC and I'm missing you guys like crazy.  Today has been very overwhelming.  I checked in, got my books, and went straight to Malagasy class.  Our President and his wife spoke to us after class and they were just giving us tips and telling us how grateful they were for our service.  I hope all is going well with you guys.  My preparation days are on Thursdays.  We don't get one tomorrow so I have to wait a week to get one.  My first companion is a really chill and cool Elder.  His name is Elder Tiu.  He's from San Jose, California.  He's Chinese and speaks a little of it too.  His parents were converts and he's had two siblings go on missions already.  I have an awesome district too.  I met Elder Snell, Elder Evans, and Elder Stringfellow.  Super awesome guys.  Mom, thanks so much for going the extra mile for my packing.  I'm hearing elders saying "I forgot this and that" and then there's me going, "I'm prepared".  I met my zone leaders today too.  They've only been out a week and they're just like us who have to wait longer for P-day.  They get their first one tomorrow.  Spence - thanks so much for the letter.  Love you soo much bro.  I will read it whenever I feel discouraged.  I love you all so much.  I'll try to get pictures to you next Thursday.

Elder Mack

DeeJay Pasikala, one of my former piano students, sent this picture to me on my Facebook page.  DeeJay teaches Cebuano at the MTC and passed Elder Mack as he studied outside.  Thank you DeeJay!  You made this mama very happy :) - Tami