Monday, April 25, 2016

4/26/16 - Short but Sweet

Hey y'all!
- Joseline got baptized!!  Woo hoo she gave a magnificent testimony at church and couldn't stop smiling after it was done.

- 100 days left mark today!  Ahhh!!

- Areas great!!!

- Andersons gone in a week....

- Felicias great. We put her on a little program to get her off of smoking. We call her every night to check on her making sure shes sticking to her goal.

- Jimmy is great. Progressing very well. He had soo many questions in the last lesson. Wow. Spirit was there.

Short but sweet again.  Love you guys!

Elder Mack
Fabrice cutting my hair >.<

Gotta catch em all!!!

We woke up early morning to run and then catch the sun rise.  Naaaa Savannnniaaaa!

Before the sunrise

Teddy, Hardy's brother.  One of my favs.

Joseline's baptism

Monday, April 18, 2016

4/18/16 - Lots of Teaching, Baptism Dates, & Elder Anderson Going Home Soon

Hey y'all!
Great week!  Here's a few highlights!

- Joseline passed her interview and will be baptized this Saturday! Woo hoo!

- Jimmy came to church again and he is progressing well!  He brought his family to the lesson as well and so teaching the whole family is the goal!

- We set up volleyball every Saturday for the YSA here and it is way fun!  The net is way ghetto but still good!

- Fabrice cut my hair... beauty!

- Saholy and her fam are great.  She gave us two referrals for the other elders.  She's already a missionary, how great!  Haha!

- Danio accepted a baptism date and hopefully we will be baptized the same day as Chaelle!

- Elder Anderson goes home in two weeks..... :(

- Natanael asked some great questions about the plan of salvation. He understands and is praying.

- Mama Feno is doing way good.  She's reading and so is her son.  They had some very good questions last time about Adam and Eve which we happily explained.

Love you guys!  Bisous bisous!

Elder Mack
This little kid saw me playing with my camera.  He walked over and looked under to see how it works.

pulling pospos fo days...

We're buff... not... LOLz

Yo Taxi! - Elder Wootan

My best impersonation of Dan Jones!

Fabrice our lemur

Monday, April 11, 2016

4/11/16 - Conference, Feeling it's True, & I'm Going to Church

Tena vonona mihitsy aho ho an'ny oniversite.  Be dia be ny sipa any!  Saingysaingy
Hey y'all!  How's it goin!?  This was our general conference weekend and WOW!!!!  Soo good!  It was definitely hard to choose a favorite.  There were so many talks on the family which made me miss my fam a lot.  But eh, I know they are partying without me.  Haha!  Elder Stevenson gave a great talk about Priesthood keys and how it is such a huge blessing that we don't have to be looking for those keys anymore.  We are so blessed to be in these latter days.  Never again will we ever lose those keys.  It is such a comfort knowing that because of the priesthood keys that this church has that we are able to complete our own ordinances, our family ordinances, and to prepare for the eternities while here on earth.  I love this gospel.  I also loved the talk given by Stephen W. Owen.  The best leaders are the best followers.  I never really thought of myself as a leader but I know that following my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has helped me immensely in leading others to him.  There were just soo soo many good talks.  Don't worry I won't type all my notes in this letter.  Haha!  Here's a few highlights of my week:

- One of our mother and son investigators just got promoted to progressing investigators - Feno and his mom!  This is so way cool because we had not taught them in a couple weeks because they were taking care of their 96 year-old grandma.  This gave them a lot of downtime.  When we stopped by again they were in the book of Alma!!  Wow!  Haha!  Incredible!  They also said they feel it's true and they accepted a baptism date for May 28.  :)

- Natanael is doing great.  He came to watch general conference, which was awesome.  He accepted a baptism date for May 28 too.  

- Joseline is so ready to be baptized.  She can't wait for her baptism date to come already.  She will get baptized on the 23rd of this month!  Woo hoo!

- Right now we are teaching an Adventist pastor and he is honestly soo cool.  I don't know if I will ever get to see him get baptized.  He does get paid for his job.  It's tough.  He is really good at English and loves it when we come over.  I have taught a few pastors on my mission and all of them have been so talkative and they never let us talk but this one is very good at listening.  He really wants to learn.  I hope to plant a good seed with him.

- One of Danio's friends wanted to learn about the gospel so we are teaching him.  We shared the message of the restoration and he loved it.  After the lesson he said, "I'm going to church with Danio." :)

- On Sunday, a random guy showed up to church. No one recognized him.  We went and talked with him and he wanted us to teach him.  We went over to his house and asked him the reason why he came to church.  He pulled out a dusty Book of Mormon from his drawer. At first I thought he had been taught before by missionaries but he hadn't.  He told us that when he was at his dad's house he saw the book and asked his father if he could take it home.  He did.  He started reading it and said that he felt it was important for him.  That's why he came to church!

- We also found a less active member named Juliette. She said that she was way surprised to see us because just that day while she was washing clothes a question popped into her head about prayer.  Not too long after that two white guys show up at her doorstep.  :)

Hope you guys have a great week!  The gospel is true!  We got the keys!  God is love!  Bisous bisous!

Elder Mack

Our house got a new paintjob

I looked out my window and saw this guy dangling his legs.  I thought about opening the window and grabbing his leg...  Muahahaha!

This is our clerk Fabrice.  We're BFFs.

This was so funny.  The car couldn't go anywhere.  Haha!

Goin shoppin!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

4/4/16 - Seven at Church, Say No to Coffee, and Double Saholy

Hey y'all!  How's it going!?  This will not be a big letter but eh hope y'all still love me?! ;)

Highlights of the week:

- We had seven investigators come to church!  That beat my record here of 3.  Haha!  Saholy came and brought her family.  We also had a referral named Jimmy come to church.  That was so great!  He lives close to that big baobab tree in my pictures that you may have seen.  Danio and Joseline also came to church.  Yay!

- We moved Joseline's baptism date to April 23.  We just need to finish a few more lessons and then she will be ready!

- Danio is awesome!  He has been asking some great questions in church.

- Saholy is doing fantastic. We really want to see her get baptized on the 30th of this month.  We taught her about the Word of Wisdom.  They said they usually drink coffee but then they immediately said that they will stop drinking that. 

- There was a baptism last Friday for Bradah Todso and Souer Saholy (different Saholy).  They gave such great testimonies during our testimony meeting.

- We will get to watch General Conference this weekend!  We are way excited for that!

That's a quick summary of my week.  Nothing too big.  Uba uba uba that's all folks!

 Elder Mack

Yes, that's a real turtle

We went to someone's house and there was this leaf just floating in the air...  Haha! 

We're driving to the beach for the baptism