Friday, October 10, 2014

10/10/14 - Unexpected but most welcome email from Elder Lehr

(This is a part of the email I got from Jordan's companion.  It came on a day that I really needed it.  So grateful for this elder!  I was hoarding it to myself but just decided I need to share it.)
Subject:  He's not your son...He's MINE!!! <(^_^)>
From: Spencer Lehr                               
Sent:Fri 10/10/14 4:06 AM
To:  Tami Mack
Dear Sister Mack,

I hope you don't become too offended by the subject of this email. In the missionary terms, the trainee and trainer have a relationship like unto a son and his father. So....I always tell investigators that he is my son. And they laugh :)

I just wanted to email you really quick to say that your son is a stud. He is by far one of my favorite companions. We work hard, we play hard, and we sing a lot :) It has been a pleasure for me to train your son even though it has been about a week. I am very glad to see how these next 3 months turn out, and am super grateful to be able to be with him. Thanks for all you have done in helping him to have a strong testimony. He will definitely get this language. It will take time, and its definitely a struggle, but we are going to work so hard here that the blessings of heaven will be poured on us so that we can do this work.

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day, and I hope that you can know that your son is in good hands.

Mahalo plenty :)
i Elder Lehr

P.S. Tena Fantako fa raha manam-pinoana amin' i jesoa kristy isika dia afaka mahazo ny fitahiana rehetra avy amin' Atra. Izay ny hijoro ho vavolombelonako ataoko aminy anaran' i jesoa kristy amen.

Sent:  Fri 10/10/14 10:48 AM
To:  Spencer Lehr
Elder Lehr,

How fun it was to get your email this morning!  I am thrilled by the subject actually.  It made me happy cry.  I always remind Elder Mack's brother and sisters that we are giving him into the hands of the Lord for these two years.  We all miss him something terrible.  Your subject line reminded me that the Lord has people in place to guide and take care of Elder Mack.  :)  And I am so glad that you are that person right now.  We were hoping he would have a really good trainer and we could not be more grateful. 
As soon as we got the email from Sister Cloward with Elder Mack's assignment and trainer's name we googled 'Fianarantsoa' and 'Elder Lehr'.  It pulled up your blog with all your missionary emails and pictures.  We read it all and we were so comforted to know that Jordan was in great hands.  The best.  
do see a lot of similarities with you and Elder Mack!  He is fun.  You are fun.  It comes across in your blog emails and pictures.  He loves to sing.  You love to sing.  Music will bring you both joy.  I hope he's recording some of your duets :)   And your testimonies.  I am inspired by both of your sweet testimonies.
I'm excited to follow you both in the next months together.  Elder Mack says you are the man.  And that you know the language so well.  Thank you for teaching him, for helping him learn this new dialect, for being a good example, for being his father on his mission, for helping him to work hard, and for helping him to have fun while he serves the Lord.  Thank you for sending the email.

Much Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa (a big thanks),
Mom Mack

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