Monday, October 6, 2014

10/6/14 - Fianarantsoa with Elder Lehr

Hey y'all, hows it going? Well, I'm good, you know, just preaching the gospel in MADAGASCAR! Haha.  I'm finally here!  It's awesome that I finally get to do some legit missionary work!  The plane ride was very very long - over 50 hours of traveling in buses, planes, and waiting in airports! It sucked.... but we're here! 

President Adams and the AP's came to pick us up from the airport.  They are all so awesome! The APs are Elder Weber and Elder Fox.  They are awesome.  The second day we got our assignments and took off.  I got the assignment of serving in Fianarantsoa.  Fianarantsoa has a different dialect than what I was learning in the MTC. It is called Betaleo.  Oh wow.  I can't even speak the normal Malagasy yet haha but I know I'm meant to be here. The Lord will help me.  It is one of the easier dialects so I shouldn't complain.  I'll be ok.  I also have the coolest trainer ever so all should be good!  His name is Elder Lehr and he is a Stud!  He knows the language sooo well and he is really willing to help me!  Super fun guy too! I definitely got lucky to get Elder Lehr.  He's taking good care of me except today at lunch.  We ate cow tongue on rice.  haha.  Nah, it actually wasn't half bad though.  Fianarantsoa is like 10 hrs away from Tana.  That drive was not fun.  We stopped in Antsirabe for the night then went the rest of the way on Thursday.  We took a taxi bè to Antsirabe which was so not made for 6 foot tall guys haha.  One of the church workers was able to drive us the rest of the way in a mission vehicle so that was way nice. 

We didn't get to watch general conference this past weekend.  We will get to see it in about two weeks.  I'm excited that there are talks in different languages.  I'm still a little upset that I didn't get to sing in the choir during priesthood session.  haha.  That's okay.  I can't wait to see all my MTC friends singing in conference. 

Well, the work is really moving here.  We have been teaching a few people this week.  We have also been doing alot of tracting!  We have a good bunch of appointments this week and we are excited!  This past week, we taught Andry, gil bèrt, Hoby, and another betaleo family.  Two of them were drunk as we were teaching haha it was fun.  Hoby is like 12 years old and we are planning on commiting him to baptism on Wednesday! Exciting! Andry has really been keeping his commitments too! It's awesome! The people here are incredible!  Well, that's this week! Beautiful place, teaching the gospel day by day!

Elder Mack

Elder Mack's trainer's blog -  We are so grateful that Jordan has such a wonderful Elder to learn from.

Look how mature he's become in just 6 weeks!

Look at my man Elder Fiaui!  He's a stud.  He's off to Australia shortly.

Elder Snell always looks like a model while he's pondering great things.

Leaving the MTC

Flying over Johannesburg

We flew from Salt Lake to Johannesburg on British Airways

South African Airways from Johannesburg to Madagascar
Mada from the airplane
At the mission home with Elder Ratsimmazafy

My trainer Elder Lehr

the view from the mission home
rice paddies

I love the Malagasy people

Elder Connault
This morning on a hike visiting the crown of thorns.  Look at this view!

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