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12/1/14 - Six words, Thanksgiving, Workin' it

Salam Wuah!!
So the word of the week is 'wuah'!  This is a fun word.  It's actually an emphasizer word.  For example...  remember how we get called "vahzah" (foreigner) all the time?  When someone calls Elder Lehr "vahzah", he corrects them by saying, "Boob betsileo wuah!!" He is telling them that he's an albino Malagasy wuah!!! haha.  He's so fun.  Mizavah ve!?  That means, "Is that clear?"  Wow you got three words out of me in one email. "Fets Fets ianao." (you're sneaky)  Whoa there - now it's six!  :p haha.  
How is everyone doing?  This past week was Thanksgiving!  It was awesome!  We had a great time here.  On Thanksgiving morning we had a zone meeting.  The elders in Ambousitra came down to us in Fianarantsoa. We had a great time together.  After the zone meeting we worked from after lunch till 6:00pm.  Then we went down to that fancy restaurant Tsara Guest House that I talked about in the last email.  It was super nice.  It was so expensive "wuah!" but it was super good!  I had zebu and spaghetti.  Zebu is like a cow or something.  (Mom:  I looked it up.  What was my boy eating??  Zebu is a species of cattle.  The only species which has adapted to the hot tropics.  It is known for having a distinctive hump on its upper back.  Whew.)  I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.  I am grateful for all of you and for your influences and great examples.  I love you all. :)
This week, me and Elder Lehr had a huge proselyting week!  We worked till we dropped!  haha  It felt so good to do so.  It is a great feeling knowing that you did all you could to work and serve. Well yesterday, we had about 110 people come to church.  That's probably the average number we usually have but not bad.  Me and Elder Lehr got 4 investigators to come to church.  It is awesome! Wilson, Mada, and a couple that we've been working with.  We were really hoping Pella, Loma, and their families would have come but they didn't.  They have not come yet.  They say that they know that this gospel is true but they just have not come to church.  Sad... But guess what!?  Remember Francia who I talked about last week!?  She came to church with us yesterday again and she even came on missionary splits with us and Etienne!  I'm so glad that she made that decision to return.  She is definitely going through a hard time right now but she was able to feel God's love again.  So great!
Well, it's December finally and now I can listen to Christmas music!  My good friend Elder Coleman hated it when I would play Christmas music before Thanksgiving. haha  Well that's it for this week!  Sorry this one is short but just know that everything is great on this side of the world!  The work is workin'!  Have an awesome week!

-Elder Mack

This is for my little sister Lia.  I showed this grandma (bebe) a picture of Lia and she thought Lia was so cute (because she is).  She asked if I could take a picture of her and show it to Lia.  Here Lia.  This is a really nice grandma in Madagascar.

Our Thanksgiving dinner at a fancy French restaurant - Tsara Guest House

My Thanksgiving meal - Zebu and spaghetti

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