Monday, November 24, 2014

11/24/14 - Baptism, Sick, Feeling the Spirit

Hey, hey, hey!!!

Hi y'all! We had a good and busy week.  The word of the week is "makasary" (ma-kuh-sorry).  It means to take a picture.  Whenever a kid sees my camera, they will say, "You should makasary me".  They love seeing themselves on camera.  They will also ask you to print up the pic so they can have it.  It is hard to tell them no.  Pictures are pretty expensive.  Stingy little kids. haha
This week had its ups and downs.  Elder Lehr got sick on Friday.  We wanted to go out and work but it is better just to rest when you're sick.  If you push yourself you will make it worse.  You can get really bad here in Madagascar.  Elder Lehr was better by Saturday and we got to work again.  On Saturday we held a baptism service.  The baptism was planned for a couple in Elder Glazier and Elder Garcia's area and then for a young girl in Elder Connault and Elder Coleman's area.  The couple in Elder G's area did not show up.  They were disappointed about that but Elder Kono was able to baptize the girl from their area.  It was great.  Me and Elder Lehr sang for the service.  We actually winged it.  We were not warned ahead of time that we were singing.  We sang 'I Stand All Amazed' and I think it went well for only singing it once. 
Our investigators are doing well.  Pella is doing awesome.  He has just had a problem with coming to church because it interferes with his job.  Wilson is doing awesome.  He is such a stud.  Super smart kid.  He understands the gospel so well!  He has been very active in coming to church.  Loma who I talked about in the last letter is also doing awesome!  He and his wife have been learning the gospel from us and they are receiving it very well.  His wife is super smart! We are trying to get them to church now.  Their baptism date goal is for December 20th.  Baptisms before Christmas!  That'll be awesome!
Soo, this week Thursday was my 3 month mark!  How crazy right!?  It doesn't seem that long ago that I just entered the MTC.  Soo insane! 
Yesterday, we went to Francias' house.  Elder Lehr baptized her while I was in the MTC and she has been so strong and active.  But recently she has had trouble feeling gods love.  We didn't know how to really help her but yesterday Elder Lehr felt something telling him to take Frer Mario, one of the members, with us to go see Francias.  He was willing to come.  Mario helped soo much.  He knew exactly what to say to Francias.  Francias said after Mario was done speaking that she felt her stress calm down.  I couldn't understand everything that was being said but I could feel that the spirit was present.  It was there.  It was incredible and I know Francias felt love in that lesson. 
Well, that's the week!  I hope all is well!  Have an awesome week and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! They obviously don't celebrate Thanksgiving here but we elders are going to.  We are going to a fancy vahzah restaurant! It's a French restaurant that President Adams took us to when he came down last month.  Yeh yeh!!!

Elder Mack

Me and Patrique - Santa hat swag

Me and Wilson making muscle poses

Aladdin is in Mada!  (Mom:  This is kind of an inside joke.  For those who don't know the joke - a few times kids at school thought Jordan was Mediterranean.  Jordan always said, "No.  Hawaiian."  They thought he looked like Aladdin.  Then in Aida he wore a hat kind of like Abu, the monkey from Aladdin.  Rachael, his sweet friend, calls him 'monkey' because of that.  Jordan's audition song was 'A Whole New World.'  Just lots of Aladdin humor.  Love the magic carpet Elder Mack.   

Excited for Christmas.  (Mom:  This is the contents of our Christmas box for him.  The envelopes are 'The 12 Ways of Christmas' or the 12 ways to be more like the Savior.

There were some guys smoking in front of the church so I got a No Smoking sticker and put it up

This guy is a stud.  He is deaf but he reads lips.

Some pics of our area

It's lychee season!!! Yay!!

This is Rufen and Alan.  They're fierce.

My uke

These girls are so cute.  This is Fetch and her sister.

This is Eric and his dad Etienne.  They are so buff.  He killed my arm.  I really need to work out.

Patrique could be a model.  He was cold so I let him wear my sweatshirt.

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