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1/26/15 - Six, First Brother's Wife, Seeds are Growing

Hey hey!!!

Hi ya'll!!! How's ya'll doin!?  SUPER excited to tell you about the week that I had! It was amazing! But first I gotta do the word(s) of the week!  Ya'll know the drill! :p  So I thought today it would be fun to teach you the Malagasy numbers from 1-10.  We actually use French numbers more than Malagasy numbers here but every once in a while you'll hear them in Malagasy too.  I'm not sure how to spell the French numbers so I'll just stick with Malagasy. 1-iray, 2-roa(roo), 3-telo(tay-loo), 4-efatra(eh-fach), 5-dimy, 6-enina(en), 7-fito(feet-two), 8-valo(vah-loo), 9-sivy(sea-v), 10-folo(foo-loo). That's all of them!  Hope y'all enjoy the word of the week!  It should be "Mahay amin tena gasy" already! :p  
So THIS WEEK!!! Such a great week!  Best one yet on the mission!!  At church yesterday we had 110 people come to church.  That beats the normal 86 any day!  We had a super lame attendance to start off the year but numbers are starting to increase again!  Great right!?  And guess what?  We went from 0 investigators to church, to 1, then 2, and yesterday ..... wait for it..... 6 investigators!!! Woot woot!!!  Awesome right!!!? 
You remember the 16 brothers right!?  So the wife of the 1st brother came to church.  It seemed like she liked it.  We teach her on Sunday nights.  So we went back to her house that night but she wasn't there.  We were excited to teach her but one of the other brothers was there so we started teaching him.  Throughout the whole lesson he was super iffy about it.  Around the end of the lesson the first brother's wife walks in breathing heavy and saying sorry. We just continued the lesson and talking about the way you can know if what we say is the truth! Then the first brother's wife starts going off bearing her testimony to the brother!  It was incredible! She told him, "A few weeks ago I prayed to God to know the truth."  So do you remember the story about her? She was protestant in another city and when she moved here, the protestant church was different.  She said, "Then a few days later, these two boys showed up at our doorstep with a beautiful message about the gospel of Jesus Christ." What what!! MIRACLE!!!!!  When we tracted into her we were actually on our way home and felt we needed to go to one more house. She is amazing!  Then she said, "I went to church and it was amazing.  They did the sacrament, then they had classes according to the peoples needs."  I was blown away! She bore such a beautiful testimony and me and Elder Hammer were just speechless! We just gave her a Book of Mormon last week and now she is in Jacob.  It is so amazing seeing the gospel change lives.  I am so very grateful to have seen this miracle and to see the gospel work in her life.  Now I want to get the 16 brothers!! haha.  I probably won't be here to see her baptized but to have planted that seed for her makes me feel like that was what I was to do. She can grow now.
It has been an amazing week.  A 29 hour proselyting week with 25 lessons and 13 families.  I have no complaints! :)  I am so much more grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary now. It truly is an amazing work. For those of you questioning whether to go or not, DO IT!!!  You won't regret it! :) That was my week! Hope you all have a good one!  I love you all so much! Listen to the promptings that Heavenly Father gives you.  Never procrastinate it.  It will not only strengthen you but others as well!

-Elder Mack
My favorite little boy.  This is Tony.

This is how they move dead bodies - on top of a bus

The cyclone - there was a tree there


... such a bondie!  (Mom:  Urban word for someone who takes your things

At Francia's house
Happy birthday Elder Coleman!

American cake... 4 guys... lots for Elder Mack!  :)

Believe it or not we actually taught a guy in there...

On splits with Elder Johnson

A view of Elder Johnson's area

These cute little girls got baptized on Saturday (Tahina & Alicia)

(Mom:  girl on the right is wearing Elder Mack's sweater)

Getting some goodbye pics just in case I get transferred next week.  Here's Patrique...
... and Ruffin

(Mom:  After Elder Mack wrote the update above he read my email to him which told him about his dad having a mild heart attack yesterday morning.  I also emailed the mission president to let him know what had happened.  I was able to email chat with Elder Mack a little about it early this morning and assure him that all is well.  He said initially he was shocked, scared, and a bit emotional but he said he immediately felt comforted.  He knew that Heavenly Father was watching over dad yesterday.  He felt that all was well at home and that he knew dad was getting better.  While I was email chatting with Elder Mack President Adams called him on the phone to check that he was okay.  So grateful for the peace that comes from the gospel.  I know that Elder Mack was comforted not only by the mission president and myself but by the Holy Ghost who is the comforter.)

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