Monday, February 2, 2015

2/2/15 - Transfer News, Setting Goals, & Vazaha Count

Akoryabio ny ohana of mine!

Soooo, this week is transfer week and..... I'm staying here. haha  Still in my 1st area but I love it here! It's great but I was just kinda ready for some change ya know!?  I'm following in my daddy Elder Lehr's footsteps haha.  He was here in Fianarantsoa for 7 1/2 months.... He trained twice here! haha So 1/4 of my mish will be in this area!  It's so crazy that I'm coming up on 6 months now!  Where did the time go???  Elder Coleman is going to Antsirabe with Elder Lehr.  Not fair. Elder Johnson is heading to Tana.  Elder Connaults new companion is going to be Elder Davis.  He is from Scotland. I've heard good things about him!  I'm excited to meet him. 
Well, I better get the word of the week taken cared of.  The word is "Mampome."  It means "funny." If you wanted to say, "That's funny" then you would say, "Mampome izany."  I will expect you all to be "mahay" at Malagasy by the time I get back haha nah nah jk.
So, me and Elder Hammer had another amazing week! We worked this week as if it was going to be my last week in the area. When me and Elder Hammer first got put together we made a goal that we were going to get a 30 hour week and a 6 hour proselyting day. We had never done it before but we both wanted to.  On Saturday we had our day planned and we were ready for the 6 hour day.  We were actually supposed to do splits that day but it got cancelled.  We had our goal in mind and were so ready to go out and work. Then a couple of our scheduled times failed on us.  We tracted a ton to make up that time.  Then we had to take a bus to an area so we tracted while we were on the bus to get some time.  By then we had 4 1/2 hours.  We still needed an hour and a half!  Then our times in that area both failed so we took the bus back and tracted again while we were on the bus.  Only 1 more hour was needed and we had 1 more time scheduled.  It was 7:00pm and tracting is not really an option that late.  We went to the house and Bebe Terez answers the door. "Is Jean here?" we said.  She said, "No, he's gone.... but come in."  We told her, "No we can't, there's no guy at home."  She is a member so she should have known that.  "Come in, come in, COME IN!" she said.  "We really can't!"  Then Elder Hammer heard a laugh and Jean pops out from under a sheet and we were both thinking, "YESSS!!!"  Sneaky bebe... haha.  We were soo happy!  We got our 6 hour day!  Then yesterday, we reached our 30 hour week!  Obviously, it's not the numbers that matter.  Things will not always go the way you planned but our goal is definitely something that pushes us to get better and to truly want to help others.  Setting goals helps so much on the mish!  And it's a great habit to get into for real life.  Set those goals and go for it!
One more funny little story.  Me and Elder Hammer counted how many times we got called"vazaha" in one day.  Ready?  58 times!  Ridiculous right!?  I hear it's worse in Tana!  haha!  But yah, we had a great week!  Taught some great lessons!  Found some great people!  6 weeks till the next transfer!  We'll see if I get transferred then.  Elder Lehr was here for 5 transfers.  I love you all so much!  Have an amazing week!  The message I hope to send to you all this week is that goals will help you accomplish what is really important. Set goals for yourselves. Things that can really help you or others.  This will make you happy and will push you to do what you want to do. Veloma!
-Elder Mack
I was trying to get goodbye pics with people I want to remember from Fianarantsoa but I didn't get transferred after all.  

This is Fetcha.  She's about to get lickens.  Joke.

So cute...

Love me some pineapple...

Soiree with the branch president

On top of the world!

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