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6/22/15 - Lemurs, Gaga Be, & Teaching like Angels

Salamanareo! Efa nitrotro gidro ve ianareo? Tena milay be izy ireo!

Hey yall!!  How's it goin?  Elder Mack has had a week and he is ready to talk about it!  Well first of all, shout out to the Mo' Bettah King himself and to all the fathers out there - Happy Fathers Day! Love you dad! :) and Happy Madagascar Independence Day this week on the 26th!  Guess what we'll be doing? :p haha
Well this morning we went to the zoo which was "tena milay be"!  We took some members with us and the Ampifiloha elders!  It was way fun!  We got to have lemurs crawl over us!  The lemur keeper just put some honey on us and then the lemurs just went for it!  You just sit there and let the lemurs do their thang!  We saw a bunch of cool animals!  Way cool!  I got to see my brother lemur species the "maki" lemur.  Way cool!  The members were telling me I should just join them. Haha no, aint about that life. :p
So this week we got a ton of new investigators.  The first week we tracted hardcore and then we taught them all this past week!  Some went well and some didn't. Well, we have one investigator who is a teacher at a catholic school.  He'll be a challenge.  We told him about the Joseph Smith story and he made the usual "gaga be" look that we get when we tell them about the first vision.  I wonder what goes through some investigators heads when we tell them that?  Their face look like, "Mormons are nutz!" or "Do they really believe that?"  YAH WE DO!  Nutz?  Nah, it's just da truth! :p
Church went well yesterday. We did get a little more people than we usually do. We got a couple of less actives back to church which was way cool because it has been a long time for them.  Then during sunday school class, the guy conducting said, "Elder Mack will teach us today."  And I was like, "Uhhhh, shootz!" :p  So I winged a lesson which was fun.  Taught out of a Malagasy manual!  Yup, I be pro! :p haha
On Thursday, I went on a split with Elder Bowler who will be going home the same time as Elder Mumford.  We had a way fun time.  I just remember him asking a lot of questions which made the people really think.  With one guy we taught about the prophets.  He was a little slow in understanding but he still came to church.  Elder Bowler was able to turn his brain on and he totally got it! haha!  It's way cool seeing Elders teach after being on a mission for so long.  They teach like angels.  I love it.
This area is a growing area.  We have about 5 Melchizedek priesthood holders in the branch right now with about 50 active people.  We're hoping to see a change soon.  I do love having an area where houses are so close together. haha!  Andranomanelatra was a beautiful area but the people lived so far away from each other!  The work is moving here.  I'm looking forward to another splendid week of proselyting!  Love you guys!

-Elder Mack

Everyone calls them Momma and Dad

Our favorite restaurant!

I went to the mission office and my car was there!  :)  Yay!

So there is a zoo close to the Mahamasina area.  This is Tsimbazaza Park.  They had a lot of cool and different animals that you don't see often but maybe only in the movies.

The gang that went today

Baby lemur and his family

So the owners just put honey on our hands and face and then the lemurs just jump on you and lick it off!

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