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6/1/15 - Will I stay or will I go? Splits and Updates

This is my favorite little girl Felana.  Felana means flower pedal.

Akory abio! tena tiako ity faritra ity kanefa, misy transfer amin'ny herin' andro.

Hey y'all!!  How's it going!?  Things rock over here!  Me and Elder Mumford had a great week!  I love this area!  It is so incredible!  But transfers are next week.  We will find out whether I stay here for a 3rd transfer or leave this transfer and Elder Mumford to finish his mission with another comp.  If I stay then I will get to send Elder Mumford home, and I will have a different companion for one transfer, and then bounce.  I hope this is the case because I'm in love with this area. I've heard a rumor that I will be transferring to a new area next week.  I was not excited to hear about that. I want to stay here so bad.  Two transfers is not enough for one area but wherever the Lord needs me, I will go. 
The APs came down for splits this week.  Me and Elder Mumford got Elder Rigby!  He is such a baller!!  He was my zone leader in Fianarantsoa and we had a way fun time!  The split went awesome!  Elder Rigby loves this area.  It is just so country and he's from Logan where it's kinda like that right?  Hmm, I could be wrong haha.  We taught Papa Charl who lives by these train tracks in the middle of nowhere.  It is so green around there and it is beautiful.  He has had problems with chewing tobacco and just recently me and Elder Mumford had him write a promise down for himself and sign it.  We taught him the lesson outside and Elder Rigby was just like, "WOW!  I feel so sambatra (blessed happy) to work here."  Elder Lehr always says that the Dona rocks but I think Andranomanelatra rocks!!  Bam! :p haha.  Papa Charl hasn't chewed tobacco in a week so that's great progress! 

Last week was definitely a week of miracles.  We found a lot of good people wanting to learn and we taught many of them this past week. Roby is doing way good!  We are just preparing him right now for his baptism interview.  We are reviewing everything.  Bebe Terez, the grandma that walked 62 km to district conference, remembered the Joseph Smith story last week!  That is progress. Yes!!  Alfred is learning well too!  He came to church which was awesome!  Teaching people here is so hard.  A lot of people are very loving and welcoming but they are not educated so it is very hard to teach. There are many people that cannot read. Getting people to be baptized is hard because they forget a lot of the things we teach and getting the teachings to click is hard. One of our recent converts took lessons from the missionaries for 2 years before she got baptized.  She could not read so members would read to her.  She was coming to church and trying but it was hard for her.  She is so great!  I love teaching her and her family. We are still working with the husband.

We did not attend church in Andranomanelatra because we went to Saradroa branch but we heard that there was 2 investigators that came to church whom no one recognized. We will go and find out who they were.  We also tracted into this guy this week who is a baller!  We knocked on his door, he saw us, and was just like, "Hey come in!"  Then we were like, "SHOOTS!"  When we got into the house he pulls out a pen a paper and was just ready to learn!  I love that!  He took notes the whole lesson.  He just knew he was going to learn something new!  So I am way excited to see where we go with him!  Well that's a little update for you guys on that!  Love you guys!  I sent mom a bunch a pics so go check those out!

Bisous bisous!
Elder Mack

Lake Tratriva pictures from Elder Mack.  Here he is with Elder Coleman.


Sunset in Mada
Teaching primary

The force is strong with this one

Mommy - I'm dirty...

Can you tell which are the missionaries feet?

We helped a member build a house!  It was awesome and creative.  Their houses are literally made out of dirt.  They dig up the dirt, pour water all over it, mix it up using your feet, add grass so that the house doesn't fall apart, grab chunks of it and then stack it.  Bam!  Malagasy house!


We hiked out to Saradroa for church this past Sunday.  It was freezing!! But it was way fun...

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