Monday, September 14, 2015

9/14/15 - Lots of Love, and Let the Spirit Lead

Ity no Zanako Malalako, Henoy Izy!!!

Dang I'm tired... DON'T CARE!  HERE'S DA WEEK!!

Tuesday: Today we were able to teach Ernesto's cousin Nimrode! He is progressing well.  We taught the Plan of Salvation today.  It felt so good seeing that it clicked in him. We taught English class which was way fun and then finished the day with Dina sy Nichard.  They are FINALLY READY TO GET MARRIED!!!!  haha!  It took forever.  Now they just need to save up the money to get married.

Wednesday:  What a day. It was a 7 lesson day.  No real outstanding lessons but the spirit was strong in all of them and that rocked.  We taught Haja.  It was getting kind of annoying because he doesn't really want to talk about the gospel.  He wants to talk about his ex-girlfriend.  Yikes!  But still a good day!  We got another couple to set a date to be married so then they can get baptized!  The goal is on November 21 they will be married and then on the 28th there will be a baptism!

Thursday:  We went to Christoffe and Nirys marriage.  It was great but I felt like throwing up the whole day.  I felt dizzy too.  I went home right after the wedding.  I think I got dehydrated.  Ugh. Why is water such a necessity!!!??  We ended up staying home the rest of the day. 

Friday:  Today was my first district meeting as "da man"... haha nah nah... as district leader.  We did a lot of tracting.  We got to continue teaching the Plan of Salvation to Nimrode and it was awesome!  Tonight we had a ward activity.  We were on our way to the church.  There were two different paths.  One was a clean path and the other one was a not so clean path.  I didn't feel like going on the dirty one but we ended up choosing that one.  Then Tainter had the feeling we should go up another path.  As we walked up the path I heard, "Hey, hey, hey!  I've been looking for you guys.  I need a blessing.  I'm about to give birth."  It was crazy to see the spirit lead us.  We were able to give her a blessing and still make it on time to our activity at the church.  When we got there the person that was supposed to bring the lesson didn't show up so of course it was left up to the missionaries to teach.  Me and Tainter decided to teach about home teaching and how important it is.  The members thought it was great!  We had them do role plays.  It ended up being real fun.

Saturday:  Today was Olivier and Liva's wedding!  It was awesome that they finally made it.  They told me that they had a cousin in Fianarantsoa pull some strings and they were able to get married!  It was a miracle.  Yay!  Oh it was wonderful and it was great to see old friends again.  Right after the marriage ceremony Olivier came straight up to me, grabbed my hand and said, "Elder Mack when can you baptize me?"  The gospel has got to be true.  To see that spark in someone's eyes and to know they've trusted and waited so long for that moment and now they can have it.  It is an incredible feeling.  Sadly, they have to wait a little for the new missionaries to come in to be baptized but since I am the district leader I think I get to do their interview :)  Sambatra had his baptism interview and NAILED IT!!!  He gets baptized on the 19th!  Yay!!!

Sunday:  Today was the first day in the new church!  I'm glad that I didn't get lost trying to find it. The APs didn't come to church so I translated for Jewels for 3 hours.  Yikes.  It is a weird feeling to go from talking with someone using your hands and then talking to someone with your mouth again. Haha!  We taught Ernesto a great lesson about missionary work and we are hoping it sparked his interest a little :)  We did a lot of tracting today.  Elder Tainter got a lot of practice.  We accidently knocked on a muslim church.  Oops!  Haha!  They answered and they were in their robes.  They were so nice.  They brought us in and gave us a tour which was so cool!  We got to see the Karan which was so dope!

Training is going well!  Life is good!  Me and Tainter are doing great and are excited for this up coming week!  This past week was a wonderful week of love!  Two weddings and another two planned.  God is good!  The gospel is true!  Double dragons are real (inside joke)!

Bisous bisous!
Elder Mack

Thank you Elder Tainter and mom Kerrie for the following pictures!  Three generation picture - Elder Lehr (grandpa), Elder Mack (dad), and Elder Tainter (son/grandson)

Dinner at Carnivore

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