Monday, September 28, 2015

9/28/15 - Sick, Superman is Back, and a Birth

Tena mirary be aho tamin ny herin lasa teo. tsy nanao asa betsaka...

Hey ya'll!  Wow, I'm not gonna lie I kinda had a junk week... I got sick again.  Ugh.  Sorry mom. :p Haha!  My mom keeps worrying about me and tells me to take my vitamins.  I was pretty destroyed the whole week.  I'm not quite sure what happened.  It was Wednesday and I was on a split with Ernesto and I almost fainted on the way home.  I got home and took my temperature. It was 103.7.  Yikes... gotta love Madagascar. :p Haha!  I felt bad for Elder Tainter for having to take care of me. He's so outgoing and we had to stay at home.  But don't worry everyone I'M HEALED!!!  Superman is back and he's ready to go ham this next week!! I'll mention a few things that happened this week but my son will probably have a better description of the week in his letter.

1. Christoffe and Niry are still not quite ready to be baptized. They didn't come to church and they need more reviewing so we're going to push their date back just a little bit.  Hopefully we can get them baptized by the end of this month.  They have been trying so hard to remember things but it is hard for them sometimes.

2. I got to go on a split on Friday with the zone leaders trainee Elder Lehnardt. Way cool kid! I was still kind of still feeling poopy from being sick so me, being the awesome trainer that I am, had him take over the lessons for that day!  YES!!  Haha!  I was pretty impressed.  He did great!  We were able to teach Samson and the lesson went way well. Samson came to church again! Woo hoo!

3. Patrick's wife gave birth!  After we left Samson's house, I rushed over to go see if she gave birth and she had!  She just got back from the hospital!  The pic is on Elder Lehnardt's camera so I'll get it by next week!  The babys name is "Anahy" and is oh so cute.  I'm still way sad that they are moving. They are one of my favorite families.

4. Elder Tainter's training is going way well.  He is going to be a great asset to this mission.  I felt bad for hurting our week when I was sick but we'll get back in the swing of things this week.

Not much to write about this week but that's alright!  Have a good week everyone!

-Elder Mack

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