Monday, January 18, 2016

1/18/16 - Zone Conference, trying something different, and wanting to follow Christ

Akoryabio!  Kay, mila mahay amin ny betsileo indray

Hey y'all!  Wow!  What a week!  I love those weeks that once you get to Sunday you're exhausted!!  haha!  P-day comes, you get refreshed, and then you can go ham again the next week!  Bum bum bum... WORK!!!!  How's everyone doing?  I'll give a few highlights from this past week:

- So both Dola and Nimrode are doing great.  They are progressing towards baptism!  Not much else to say about them other than they are BALLERS!!!

- We are teaching this lady named Lea.  She was taught by missionaries before but they would not baptize her because she cannot speak and communicate that she understands.  Well, I can tell that she knows things and so I tried something different.  :p  I grabbed my picture book and showed her pics of the Joseph Smith story.  I gave her signs.  I taught her the sign for Joseph Smith.  She would see the picture and then do the sign.  Then I showed her the picture of God and Jesus appearing to Joseph.  I taught her those signs and then she did them.  We kept doing that through all of the pictures and she was getting it.  It was amazing!

- Our zone meeting was great!  We learned about setting goals.  It was way cool.  We set some goals for progressing investigators, bringing people to church, and helping people commit to a baptism date.  Those three things are necessary in an investigator's progression.

- Janine, Lemanana, and Ianta are all doing very good.  It was way weird to see them go from not being interested to now they are coming to church.  They came to church again yesterday and they loved it.  Manda was telling me that they were participating in Relief Society and they were laughing and having a good time.  Janine told me something great during our last lesson.  She told me that she is Catholic but that she has never wanted to follow Christ until she started learning from the missionaries.  She wants to keep coming to church and feeling of the spirit.

That's all folks!  Have a great week!

-Elder Mack

Tana North Zone missionaries

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