Wednesday, September 17, 2014

9/4/14 - (MTC) Lifting weights likened to converts

Manahoana ianareo,

This week has been a good one.  We have been teaching this pretend investigator all week and after 6 lessons, we got him to commit to baptism! Woot woot! It's amazing how the spirit works on us to know what we need to say at the right time.  When we would teach our lessons, (we have to teach our investigators in Malagasy) words would just pop in our heads that we would think we would have never remembered and it would be the right words the investigator needed.  We had to stop using our notes too.  So it has really been helping us rely on the spirit more to help with our lessons.  So that was a cool spiritual experience.  Well, this last Tuesday, we had Don Clark from the seventy come to speak to us.  He talked about converts.  He talked about how after we baptize an investigator that that isn’t the last thing we do with them.  He gave us three tips for helping our investigators after baptism: 1) find someone in the ward to befriend them; 2) give them responsibility; 3) keep nourishing them.  It’s like lifting weights.  The more you lift, the stronger you get and the less you do the weaker you get.  I know this by experience but that relates to the gospel too.  They also have to keep exercising their faith.  If they are given responsibility in the church with having a calling, it helps build testimony.  Well, I am out of time.   Always so busy. haha

Elder Mack

Cousins:  Elder Anderson (Baltimore, MD) & Elder Mack

Elder Braden & Elder Mack sitting next to each other in the MTC choir.  Having flashbacks to Concert Choir when they sat next to each other.  Elder Snell on the left :)

Elder Mack with Lono Ikuwa, an MTC volunteer who is from Hawaii. 

Nametag and planner

Are they concentrating or sleeping?