Saturday, November 1, 2014

11/1/14 - received letter by snail mail dated 10/13/14

Aloha!  & WazzUPP!!

How is it going my sweet family of mine!?  Hope all is going well.  Mom and Dad - it was great being able to email chat with you today.  Glad everything is running smoothly with the new restaurant and with the family.  Today after emailing we taught a less active family who has started to come back to church.  It was great!  We reviewed the plan of salvation and talked about preparing for the temple.  They really want to go but there is a problem.  They are not 'vita soratra', which means in English 'legally married'.  So we are wanting to help them with that so they can go to the temple and be sealed.  It was a great lesson.  I love talking about the temple.  I loved doing sessions with you mom and dad.  It is such an amazing feeling going through the temple and get a glimpse of being with your loved ones forever.  I love the temple.  I miss going to the temple so much.  I'm glad that we had the opportunity to go every week in Provo.  It wasn't the same without you guys but it was still really good and spiritual.  Temples are great.  I know that there will be a temple in Madagascar one day.

I've been having a hard week with the language.  But it'll come. 

You wanted to know about some of the different things I'm seeing here.  Here's one for you.  People carry animal heads on their heads.  Today me and Elder Lehr saw a guy carrying a cow head on his head.  Another something to get used to is women breastfeeding in public even during our lessons.  Elder Lehr says he's been out 10 months and he is still not used to that.  We just sing 'I am a child of God' when that happens.  Another weird thing is the public "W.C." bathroom (vay-say).  You open the door and there is no toilet.  There is just a hole in the ground.  You have to squat over the hole and do your business.  Another different thing is how they flip each other off.  You know when you tell a little kid, "I got your nose" and you put your thumb between your two fingers?  Yah, that's flipping someone off here.  So weird.  Something that I have been expecting but hasn't happened yet is that it hasn't rained once since I've been here.  That's actually really junk because electricity here is powered by rain so during the hours of 6-9 and sometimes in the night the city shuts down the electricity to conserve the energy.  That makes walking in the dark really hard because the roads are not flat and it is really dark.  I can't tell you how many times me and Elder Lehr almost biffed it. haha.  We have a lot of fun together.  I seriously could have not asked for a better trainer.  We are really close!  It's awesome!  He's got an awesome voice too!  Love singing with him. 

Well mom you asked about Hoby, Gilbert, and Jean Pierre.  All doing well.  We havn't been able to catch Jean Pierre or Gilbert in a while.  Hoby is 12 and wants to get baptized but his parents said that he can't until he's 15.  We've asked the young men to involve Hoby in their activities.  We really pray that Hoby will have the same desire to be baptized when he's of age.  We've been working a good amount of time with our investigators lately so we have not had a lot of time for tracting.  Tracting is a little easier here than in America.  The polite thing for people to say to others when they come to the door is, "Mandroso" which is like saying, "Why don't you come in?"  We usually get to give our message.  People are really open to listening to us.  I think the biggest problem here is the people keeping their commitments.  Always working on that.

It's fun here!  Definitely something new and different but I like it.  I feel a little like a hero.  haha.  I know but listen...Today, me and Elder Lehr talked about the gospel to a lady in a restaurant and as she left she shook our hands and then kissed our hands.  That was new but made me feel good.  Hero stuff.  Well I love and miss you all!  I'm looking forward to the package and to our emails.  Hope everything continues to move smoothly.  Love you all so very much.  Thank you for all the support.  Veloma.

Elder Mack 

Elder Glazier who lives in the same house as Elder Mack took a picture of the vesse (vay-say)

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