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11/17/14 - Marriage, Wilson, Pascal, & Christmas box


Hey y'all!! What's new?!?  This has been an awesome week!!  First things first of course.  The word of the week!  The word is "sorompanavotany" (sue-room-paw-nah-vu-tu-nee).  This word is cool because it's long and I always remember it.  That's because it means "atonement". Something that is very important and special to me.  I am thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ and for his atonement for all of us. 
This week was a pretty good week.  It was transfer week so we worked on getting Elder Glazier and Elder Garcia into the new missionary house.  Elder Rigby and Elder Johnson came in on Wednesday.  They are super cool and with how their area has been going, the branch is going to blow up!  It'll be awesome! The gospel is true!!
So the highlight of my week was teaching Wilson.  I believe I have talked about him before but this kid is a STUD!!  He is like 12 or 13 and we gave him a Book of Mormon a couple weeks ago and we taught him last Tuesday.  He told me and Elder Lehr that he has read up to Alma. We were like "What??"  That was hard to believe but when we asked him questions like, "What is the story of Nephi about?" and "Who is King Benjamin?" he answered all of our questions!  This kid was not lying.  Such a stud!  He has been actively coming to church with one of his friends, one of the branch members.  We are hoping that his family will soon want to learn.  We actually started teaching his uncle last transfer but he hasn't really been progressing.  We are hoping Wilson will be a good influence on him. 
I love being a missionary. I love doing this work.  A special friend of mine gave me a quote and it went something like, "If you are obedient and trust in God, the Lord will put people he has prepared in your path."  This is so true.  This guy yesterday just walked in front of us and asked us what church we were from and if we would share with him our message.  And HE WASNT DRUNK!  His name is Loma and he brought us to his house to show us where he lives. We teach him this Saturday.  He has a family and they are awesome!  Soo excited to teach them!
It's been a great week!  I just got a little homesick this week. I got my Christmas package this past Tuesday.  The mission home sent the mail when they brought furniture for the new missionary house.  This is going to be my first Christmas away from home and my beautiful family. Yesterday Elder Lehr gave me a really powerful blessing of comfort.  I know that the priesthood is real.  I'm so grateful for it and I am ready for another great week of teaching! Well that's my week!  Have a good one!

-Elder Mack
(Mama Mack:  Yay! The Christmas box reached him.  Darn!  It made him a little homesick.  Mailed October 14, received by Elder Mack November 11.  Not bad Malagasy postal service.  FYI Mada Mission Moms:  Elder Mack said it was not inspected and there were no fees.)

My missionary certificate - "This certifies that the bearer, Elder Jordan Pohaku Mack, who is in full faith and fellowship with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is a duly ordained minister of the gospel and as such has authority to preach the principle of the gospel and to administer the ordinances thereof.  We invite all people to heed his message."  Then it is signed by President Monson and Elder Mack.  Way.  Cool.
Shoes before and after shining

Walking through the rice paddies, strike a studly pose

Branch party - Elder Lehr bottom left

Surgery on my shirt - ripped walking through a really skinny door

These kids are super swag and so I took a pic with them

Elders excited for Christmas packages (Mom:  Yay!  He got the Christmas box!!  Doing the happy 'package got to him' dance and saying a prayer of gratitude.)
Elder Connault found a chameleon just on the street and picked it up!
For the Tangled fans - I found Pascal!  Haha!  Rockin' Grandpa Mack's old school tie.

Elder Rakotoarisoa, our current Branch President is such a boss
One of our father-led-families got "vita soratra" (legally married) so now the dad can receive the Melchizedek priesthood!  So awesome!
Missionaries with the couple.  Malagasy adults don't like to smile in pictures.  It's just funny that the only people in the picture who are not smiling are the ones that just got married.  Haha

Selfies!  Love my trainer!!

Elder Connault's coke exploded in the freezer

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