Monday, February 9, 2015

2/9/15 - Transfers and a Miracle Story

Whats up "Tompko"?

My beautiful ohana! I love you all so much! I hope you all know that! :) This week was another good one! It wasn't our best ever but we put our all into it and did our best.  Me and Elder Hammer did witness a miracle this week and I'm excited to tell ya'll about it! :) But you all know what has to come first! WORD OF DA WEEK!  So the word of the week is "samihafa".  It means "different" like in separate.  So oatra, (example) "Mino izahay fa samihafa i'andriamanitra, Jesoa Kristy, ary ny fanahy masina".  Which means, "We believe that God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are different". Like that.
So this week!  It was a great one!  Since Elder Coleman got transferred to Antsirabe (with Elder Lehr not fair), we got a new elder in our household!  Elder Davis!  He is such a baller! He is about 10 months into his mission and he is from Scotland.  He really is Scottish.  His accent is legit!  He loves his kilts. etc. haha  Super fun guy!  I'm excited to get to know him.
So - miracle time!  So last week we tracted into this Lady named Tarsile. Her and her son let us in to teach to them. The first lesson I could tell they were super iffy about it. The son didn't talk much and I could tell that he felt weird with us in his house. We left feeling like it had been a great lesson. The we went back on Saturday for another lesson. They let us in again and we taught about the Book of Mormon.  Then Tarsile told us that there was something about this church that she loves. She said something feels right about it. Then she told us about her son. He's protestant and is super happy with it.  And apparently he hates missionaries from other churches. Every single missionary that has come to their house, the son gets angry and mean and yells at them to leave. She told us that when we came he was calm and let us in. Because of that reason she decided to listen to our message. It was an AMAZING lesson!  They happily accepted a Book of Mormon. Then on Sunday they came to church!! Me and Elder Hammer were so happy!  We've never had an investigator come to church after the first invite too!  And they loved it. I'm excited to continue to teach them. That just proves how amazing the gospel is. The spirit calmed this man's heart so that he could listen to a true message that God loves him and knows him personally and that God wants him to return to him. He wants nothing but everlasting joy for him and his family. I love this gospel.  I feel so "sambatra" - so blessed to be able to see the gospel touch the lives of others. That's my miracle story this week! :)
Well, I love my mission.  I love the people.  I love Madagascar.  I love being a missionary. I love my ohana.  Have a great week everyone! I love you all so much!  Have a great Valentines day! Till next week! :)

Elder Mack

Elder Connault looking cool

My turn

This little boy was being "maditra" - naughty.  His parents thought that hanging him from the clothesline was super funny.  And he's still smiling.  Rascal.  

I love these kids

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