Monday, February 23, 2015

2/23/15 - Menaka Masina, Incredible Lessons, 6 Months

ALOHA!!!! (The Malagasy working came over and was confused after seeing this word.  haha)

Hey Hey! Hows it going!? Things are going quite swimmingly here in Mada! Love love love it! So WORD OF THE WEEK!! The word is "Menaka Masina"(may-nuh-kuh mah-si-nuh).  It means "holy oil" or "consecrated oil".  For example when we are giving someone a blessing we would say, "Ho any benediction, mety ve raha mametaka ity menaka masina ity amin'ny loanao aho?"  Which means, "For the blessing, is it okay if I place this holy oil on your head?  Malagasy is so cool right?  Yah, I know! :p haha

So this week was honestly kind of a slow week... hate to say it.  We didn't get the usual amount of lessons that we usually do.  A lot of people "dogged" us this week. BUT!!! The lessons that we did get this week were INCREDIBLE!! Tarsile and Onja are still doing great! We asked them this week if they were ready for baptism and they said "YES!"  We made a date for them in April.  Then you remember Danny right!?  So we went to his house on Wednesday and we asked him how his reading was in the Book of Mormon.  He's in Mosiah!!  Such a balling kid!  So ofcourse we had to test him. We took out our picture book of the scriptures and showed him pictures from the Book of Mormon. He was pointing pictures out like, "Oh this story makes sense now."  "Hey, that's Mormon!"  I was just thinking, "Yes, he's another Wilson!!" haha  If you all remember Wilson they are pretty alike! They love learning!  I love that so much!  We teach Danny with his Grandpa and he's not into it as Danny is but still, Danny is going to be awesome for the church!  We gave him a baptism date in April too!  I'm sad I won't be able to see their baptisms but I'm doing my job right!?  Happy missionary right here! :p haha

On Friday, I got to go on a split with Elder Connault. Twas awesome!  He's got a super nice area!  I have pictures of it.  I'll try to send them, computers have been dumb lately. Nothing too big really happened this week!  Had some way good lessons, got some baptism dates, went on splits, 6 month mark just hit :p  I will probably leave in three weeks.  Yah, das it!  Y'all have a good week!  I love you all!

-Elder Mack


My ginger!  Elder Davis from Scotland

The force is strong with this one

Why did I let him do this to me?  Don't ask... (Mom:  blue stuff is window paint.  Silly elders.)

(Mom:  Elder Mack also sent pictures from last week's baptism.  I saved them on last week's post.)

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