Monday, April 20, 2015

4/20/15 - 8 months, Sick, & Miracle


Miss me yet!? :p  It's been 8 MONTHS!!!  Dang!  I received a letter from my family today and they told me about my 8 month mark and I was like, "What da ish?" haha.  Time GOES!!  It doesn't stop! Then my lovely sister Lindsay emailed me and says school year ends in 6 weeks!  I'm just blown away right now! Crazy! So, how y'all doing!?  Things going well?  Hope so!  Time really does fly so enjoy everyday.  Elder Fox sees his family in a week.  They are coming to pick him up.  They will be here next Sunday.  He says he can't believe how fast it has all gone.  Then he'll go to BYU for summer semester. 

So, the word of the week!  The word is "marary".  This means "sick" but it could mean sick from like a little boo boo to like you're almost about to die. haha.  So this is a good word to know because when you say it then people ask how they can help.  So this past week I was sick.  Yah, first time.  It sucked.  I had a fever.  It lasted three days.  I couldn't work.  It hurt not to work but I needed to rest.  People were asking me and Gariki where we were.  I would say, "Tamin'ny herin andro, nirary aho." That means, "Last week I was sick."  Then people will say, "Mirary fahasalamana." This means, "I hope you feel better."

So this week had its ups and downs.  Of course the down was that I was sick and couldn't work like I wanted to .... :/  But I had some good ups too!  There were some less actives that came back to church on Sunday which was GREAT!!  And on Tuesday we kind of had a miracle.  It was something that  was definitely needed for us to work!  We were going to teach some recent converts and another new investigator on Tuesday.  On the drive there I realized something and told Elder Gariki, "Ah!  Elder Gariki, we need a member over 18 with us today." There is a missionary rule that you need a guy 18 or older other than a missionary at every lesson.  We were worried because our two usual member help was not in Andranomanelatra at the moment because they were taking care of family stuff.  But not even 30 seconds after that we see our branch president's adopted son Erik and he's waving to us. We pull over. Erik has had surgery on his left leg so he can't walk normally.  He came to us and said "Hey, you guys need help today?"  What?  What?  We were like "YES!!  But can you ride a bike?"  He said, "Missionaries in Antsirabe taught me how to ride even with this leg." So we took him and we taught great lessons that day!  That investigator has already come to church! And she brought her daughter which was great!  I turned to Gariki after we talked to Erik and said, "Wow.  That miracle didn't take very long." haha.  The work is going great!  I'm loving it.  We are teaching one new investigator.  His name is Bernard.  He is accepting the message well but the thing he has a hard time with is believing that we need a prophet.  He says in the Bible, Jesus assigned the Holy Ghost to lead us.  So we are trying to get him to pray about that.  That is the goal.  We could Bible bash all we want but it won't do any good.  Don't Bible bash, it's not worth it :p  Just let them pray about it. 

Everything is going great!  I love you all!  Have a great week!

-Elder Mack

This is what the people use instead of a blender

We got to go golfing for P-day!  :p woot woot!

Is this the right form?

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