Monday, April 6, 2015

4/6/15 - Easter, Thunder Thighs, & Conversion

Salama ianareo! (Hey ya'll!)  Tratry ny paska!! (Happy Easter!!) 
Hope you had a Happy Easter and a great spring break!  If you want to go to a big party at Easter, you gotta come to Antsirabe for that!  This place got sooo crazy during Easter time!  They have a three day concert here and everyone comes out for that.  Lots of musical artists were performing and then there were a lot of people drinking and doing drugs.  Crazy.  The streets were PACKED the last few days because of this concert!!  With the big concert going on I was surprised that me and Elder Gariki only had one person miss their appointment.  We were worried that most people would be at the party!  So that was cool!  One of the singers who was performing is named Stephanie.  She's a super "manja" (popular) singer.  It just so happens that our zone leader Elder Naina grew up with her and they are cousins!  Around valentines time, an elder named Elder Lee taught her, gave her a Book of Mormon, and got her contact number.  She told him that she goes on tour a lot and she said she was coming to Antsirabe.  Elder Lee gave her our zone leaders phone number and then gave us hers.  Elder Naina tried to call but she wasn't there and we had missed her... lame right!? :p That would have been cool.  
So for the WORD OF THE WEEK!!! Haha you guys thought I forgot huh!? :p  The word is "R1ms"(Rehm-z)  Yes, it is spelled with the number '1'.  This is a teny bondie (teen talk) word.  Elder Razakamandimby started to teach me a little teny bondie because apparently some people will try to speak that way to rip us vazaha off.  This word means "real fast" or "quick."  For example, "Afaka mampiasa ny findainao r1mz ve aho" means "Can I use your phone real fast?"
Easter was awesome for us.  On Saturday the elders got asked to sing at a district Easter activity.  It was so awesome!  We sang, "I Believe in Christ."  Me and Elder Lehr got to do a little duet on the second verse!  Oh how I love my daddy!  Then we watched a video about Jesus Christ.  Twas touching!  Elder Gariki made a little Tahitian dish that made me so Hawaii trunky haha but it was way good!  Our lessons went well this week!  We have a good, solid program right now.  Getting to our appointments are the hardest part because they are so far away.  Even though we have a car and bikes it takes forever.  On Tuesday we actually had to bike to our area because the Zone Leaders needed the car to drive to Tana.  Usually we drive to the chapel and ride our bikes from there.  On Tuesday we had to bike up the hill to our area!  It took us an hour!  When we got there we thought we were going to die.  haha  Elder Gariki turns to me and says, "Elder, we got thunder thighs!" haha "Yah we do!!"

To answer mom's question it is kinda hard for the youth to come to activities right now because of their school schedule.  School is from 7-12 and then they go home and return from 2-6.  It starts to get dark at 6 here.  The youth also do a lot of work for the family here in taking care of the other kids so we are trying to figure out what will work.  
Maybe I'll close my letter with a little spiritual thought?  Yah!  Cool beans.  So we had a zone meeting this past Thursday!  Twas amazing!  Our zone leaders gave a great lesson on being converted to the gospel and then bearing to others that you know those things are true.  Elder Fox said, "Don't just go through a mission, have the mission go through you."  So, a mission needs to change you before you can change others.  It is the same if you are outside of the mission.  You can't preach something that you yourself don't know to be true.  When you do know the truth then you can follow this formula in D&C 100:5-8.  First, lift up your voice to the people.  Open your mouth.  Then second, let your mouth be filled with words from the spirit. Third is solemnity of heart.  You must be absolutely serious and genuine when you bear your testimony.  Mean what you say.  Fourth, have a spirit of meekness.  After you testify then rely on the spirit.  Then fifth, the Holy Ghost will take over.  The Holy Ghost will touch the hearts of those you bear testimony to.  I know this to be true.  I know that as we allow the spirit to teach the people the church will grow and truth will continue to spread throughout the earth!
I love you guys!  Have a great week!  For those of you starting back to school today after spring break - finish strong this 4th term!  Bisous bisous!!
-Elder Mack

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