Monday, May 11, 2015

5/11/15 - Crazy Sauce, District Conference, & Interview with President

Salama ianareo! Tena marina, tena bogosy be i Elder Razafindresetra!  Ho'any ve vav rehetra, izy no malalaka. :p

Hey y'all! Soo, this week was CRAZY SAUCE (as my mission father would say :p ) Nah nah it wasn't all that crazy but it was a good week!  Yesterday I got the amazing opportunity to skype my beautiful mother and family for Mother's Day. :)  Twas great!  We also had district conference this weekend.  A bunch of elders come down for it.  We had the Ambositra elders (including Elder Snell) come here to Antsirabe which was awesome!  He's actually spending p-day here too!  We are planning to go to Lake Tratriva again just because it's that beautiful...  I think we will take Elder Snell golfing the next time he comes up!  The APs also come down from Tana! The new APs are such ballers!  One of the APs is Elder Morley who trained Elder Kelsch.  Then there is Elder Rigby who is my mission grandma! :p haha  It was great to see them! Then we also had President and Sister Adams come and the Rossiters, a mission couple.  President Adams did interviews this week and I feel like we are BFFs now.  Not quite on first name basis but yah the interview went well.  He gave me some great advice that will help me not only in mission life but for regular life when it comes again.  So that was awesome!

On Friday we had a Fisoratina which is when a couple gets legally married.  We were so excited for them!  The wife is the branch president's daughter and she has been with her boyfriend for a long time and they have a family.  The wife is super diligent in coming to church.  The husband needs a little convincing... :p  We're working on him.  The wife has already been baptized.  She has not been able to take the sacrament for the longest time.  She is way happy about being able to do that now.
Oh dang it.  I forgot the word of the week... :p haha  So, the word of the week is "mifohaza!"  It is the command form of "Wake Up!!" haha  I dont think I have to teach you guys how to use it but if you want to say, "Dude, wake up!" you can say, "Mifohaza ela!" haha  There you go.  Okay I've got that out of the way!

For some reason, this week all of our investigators were not home.  We had only two investigator lessons when we should have be teaching like ten.  We do have a lot of recent converts and less active lessons though which was good.  We were not able to go to see Roby's wife last week but we are hoping they will be available this week.  I think I have talked about Suzanne and Raymond.  They are the couple that need to get legally married after the husband gets a divorce from someone else.  The husband traveled far away to the place his ex wife lives and tried to talk to her to accept the divorce but she did not accept it.  So when that happens, people in Madagascar have to pay a lot of money to force a divorce.  So that is the new problem we have now.  Otherwise they are ready for baptism.  They want to be baptized.  They are so diligent in going to church.  So we are hoping for a miracle with that.  Prayers are appreciated.

Other than that nothing else is really new.  Life is great! :)  I'm happy! :)  I love you guys!  One more shout out for all the mothers out there!  You are amazing!

-Elder Mack

There are some talented artists in town.  If you give them a picture they will paint it for you.

Me and Elder Mumford being hicks

The new legally married couple

We be bogosy!!

We went to visit a less active member.  We drove for almost an hour and then rode our bikes another 20 minutes to find out the guy we came to see had moved.  

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