Monday, May 18, 2015

5/18/15 - Staring, Pushing ourselves, Finding lost souls

Elder Mack and Elder Coleman at Lake Tritriva for P-day

Salama Ianareo, efa sitrana aho, aza manahy!

Hey y'all!  How's it going!?  I'm sorry if I have not been able to email some of you lately.  I'm so busy but I promise that emails will be coming.  So this week was probably one of me and Elder Mumford's most successful weeks.  It has been one of my better weeks here in Andranomanelatra.  I'm stoked to tell y'all about it!  But I'm going to start off with a little word of the week!

The word is "mibinjina".  It means, "to stare".  A fun missionary line is, "Aza mibinjina vehivavy." I'm not translating... :p (Mom on google translate:  It sounds like when the missionaries are walking down the road that they would say this, "Even the women are staring."  Foreigners get stared at a lot.  It sounds like it's irritating when the men stare but maybe not so bad when the women stare?).
So this week me and Elder Mumford pushed ourselves a lot more and we were able to teach 18 lessons this week with 24 hours of pros time!  What what!?  Yah we felt cool. haha  We had some fun lessons.  We went to visit Roby and his wife.  She was not in a good mood that day because of something that her son did that was maditra. haha  We will try her again this week.  We will see.
Suzanne and Raymond are trying to do what they need to do to get baptized.  Suzanne actually went to Tana this week so we didn't get to teach her but we taught the rest of their family the covenants made in baptism.  It went well.  They are excited but they just have to endure a little longer.

One little miracle that we saw this week happened when we were searching for less active members.  We printed out of member list and asked our branch president to mark the names that were less active.  We have about 80 in our branch right now.  Yikes...  So we go to the house of someone on the list and apparently this family has been less active for about 2 years.  They tell us that they switched churches.  They are very apostate now.  We left so disappointed but as we left, one of their neighbors called out of their house and they invited us in.  Apparently she was a member that I havn't met yet.  She told us that if we were looking for someone to teach that her husband is still not baptized.  He wasn't home at the time so we couldn't put a program together but she told us that she would try to get him to church and then we could talk with him.  He actually came to church!  We set up a time with him and we are excited to teach him. Yay!  Woot woot!

We went searching for these two other members that were less active and we found them!  They are awesome!  Their names are Todisoa and Sheena.  They said that they got way busy and then when they were not busy anymore they just never felt motivated to come back to the church.  They said that when we came to find them it gave them a reason to come back.  They came back to church on Sunday!  Yay!

Well sorry that this isn't longer but I'm gonna go now.  Have a great week everyone!  Bisous bisous!

-Elder Mack

Antsirabe and Ambositra elders

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