Monday, May 25, 2015

5/25/15 - The hand of God and an angel

Bon Jour, misy olona be dehibe izay mieritreritra fa mahay amin teny france aho fa diso izany. 

It's been a great week!  I feel like I truly saw the hand of the Lord in the work this week.  I couldn't have been more happy with how this week went!  Me and Mumford worked till we dropped.  We set some high goals for ourselves.  We wanted to make 25 lessons, 10 families, 5 new bap dates, and 28 hours of pros time.  Our average has usually been about 15 lessons, 15 hours, and 3 families. This week, in my father Elder Lehr's words, "Was CRAZY SAUCE"!  Miracles were seen :) Let's go to those shall we. First of all, BROTHAH ROBY IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!! WOOT WOOT!!!  I have prayed and fasted for how his situation would play out because it just seemed impossible.  It seemed like other people were just not allowing him to be baptized and it was so hard to see a solution.  At the beginning of the week, Elder Nohaingoinaina asked me where to find a certain story in the bible.  I told him it was somewhere around this place but I am not very Bible smart yet... :p  He asked me if he could come with me and do a split to Saradroa and of course I said , "Heck yah!" We went and visited Roby.  The situation was still the same.  We had taught him everything we could and I didn't know what else to teach him and how to help him.  Elder Naina felt impressed to share the story that he was searching for earlier.  He was able to gain Roby's trust and Elder Naina dug deeper into his story.  We came to find out that day that Roby is still living with his ex-wife but is not together with his ex-wife.  Everything is separated. We had not understood that important fact.  We were not going to deny him the atonement any longer so we gave him a baptism date! :) He is so ready!!!  We're super excited!  His wife still needs time but this was God's plan for Roby right now. :) Elder Naina taught like an angel.  I have heard that God works in mysterious ways and that it is usually through others that he works. 

We also found some great contacts and great families this week that were very accepting of us.  It was so nice!  Remember the member that asked us to teach her husband and he already started coming to church?  He is freaking awesome!  His name is Alfred.  They are such a loving family. They are one of our poorer families. We teach them Tuesday nights. We got to their house this past Tuesday night and they were just about to eat.  It was just the two of them and they had two full plates of food. We told them we could wait for them to finish but they insisted that we come in. They both gave their plates to us.  I was astonished.  The malagasy people are so loving and generous!  We felt a lot of love in that house. Of course we couldn't take it all but if you don't eat a little of what is offered it is  thought of as very rude.  So me and Elder Mumford shared one plate and they shared the other plate.  Right before the lesson started he told us straight up, "I want to be baptized and I promise to learn. "We were like, "YES!!"  This week just shows us that God prepares his children beforehand to hear the gospel. We taught a great lesson and then we set a baptism date! :)

Okay so this weeks stats... 29 lessons, 30 hours of pros time, 10 families, 5 new baptism dates!  Not bad right!? ;)  We met some incredible people!  We also met some not so incredible people... haha. One guy in particular was just being a smart aleck said some mean things about the church.  Eh whatevs.  Can't bring me down :p  We also met a family that was learning about the church before, they had moved, and now they've moved back recently and they were wondering when they would see missionaries again.  We are excited to teach them too! woot woot!  I'm so tired.  haha.  That's a good thing right!? :p  Well, I love you guys!  Hope y'all have a splendid week!  Bisous bisous!!

-Elder Mack

pictures from Elder Mumford

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