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7/20/15 - What are you going to do now to return to God's presence?

The Bus made it to Madagascar!  I found our security guard wearing this shirt.  Mom:  Jordan's dad and uncle used to drive The Bus in Hawaii (public transportation).  The drivers wore aloha shirts with small buses in the design.  How in the world did he get an OTS shirt all the way in Madagascar?
Somary tezitra kely aho noho ny faritra ko izay mihidy kanefa nahazo namana voavoa izay bogosy,

Bon Jour y'all!!

So shout out to my Filipino twin sistah who goes into the MTC this week!  Love you girl.  Have an amazing adventure! :) 
Now let's get this week taken cared of shall we?  And we got some transfer news too! :p

Monday:  Me, Elder Snell, and Elder Thompson celebrated our birthdays as dinosaurs at this restaurant called Carnivore!  Yikes!  So this restaurant is like the Rodizio Grill of Madagascar.  They have so many different kinds of meat!  For example: cow tongue, chicken gizzard, lamb, beer battered chicken, cow kidney, crocodile, snake, chicken liver, etc. and yes, the crocodile was way good. Haha!

Tuesday:  I told Elder Iata earlier about the drunk guy that I had taught the word of wisdom to back in Andranomanelatra.  Then today we tracted into a guy and found that he was way drunk.  Elder Iata wanted to try to teach him too but it just doesn't work.  You can't feel the spirit when people are drunk.  After that we had a lot of time for tracting because one of our investigators Victor was on a little trip.  I asked Elder Iata to pick an area and he did.  As we were walking across this big area of rice paddies he fell in the paddies!  So we had to get him all cleaned up but he cleaned up fast and then we went and taught one more lesson right before the day ended. We taught about the Plan of Salvation. The beautiful Plan of Happiness. This lesson is a favorite.  It's unique to our religion and it makes perfect sense.  My father explained it this way.  We left the presence of god and are gradually getting farther and farther from god but since Jesus Christ atoned for us it created a "U turn" that returns back to God.  I love talking about the atonement.  This lesson is the "One" that truly inspires people to want to be better.  You give them the 'where', then the 'how', and then you can ask, "What are you going to do now to return to God's presence?" and BAM!  Conversion just clicks then. :)

Wednesday:  I went on a split with Elder Thompson!  It was way fun!  I wish I could be his comp! :p (just wait)  We taught Papa Charl and lalao today.  Me and Elder Thompson talked about the atonement a little bit deeper.  It was a beautiful lesson.  The spirit was so strong and I almost got a little teary. :p haha  They said that they want to come back to church.  They couldn't come this past Sunday but they will come next week.  We'll see. :)  They said that they were lazy and now they feel like they don't have a place to stand in the kingdom of God.  Not true.  If there was no atonement then that probably would be true but this life is about changing and becoming like him.

Thursday:  Zone meeting!  We had a great lesson about goals and wanting to change to become the person that God wants you to be!  So all our appointment times failed today which was sad but that's okay.  Our soire still worked out.  We had dinner with some recent converts. We had mangahazo with rice.  Way good.  I made brownies (be proud mom) and malagasies love it!  haha!  Brownies in malagasy is kinda funny "mofo kadradrika" which means cockroach bread.  Don't ask me why they call it that.  haha!  I brought my uke and they just wanted to sing all night.  We probably sang almost all the hymns in the hymn book.  Then Elder Iata shared the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 25:12.
Friday:  We taught Yaingo today and she really wants to be baptized!  Her and her daughter have been active!  Her daughter is 8 years old.  She doesn't really understand things yet but she loves primary and she loves going.  She is way shy though.  She doesn't like me.  haha!  It's cause I'm white. :p
Saturday: We taught some less actives and recent converts today.  We have been trying to contact them for so long but and we finally caught up with them.  Guess what they said?  "We don't come to church because the baby cries and makes a mess and it disturbs people when they pray."  I face palmed a little.  We talked and convinced them to come back to church.  We taught Alexander too about the atonement.  LOVED IT! :)

Sunday:  Yes!  They came to church!  So did Alexander and Sarika.  Great Sunday!  We taught the returned missionary and she's just kind of being lazy.  haha  We're trying to get her out of her house.  I love visiting with her but she needs to come to church! We took Romina and Feno with us.  They are youth that are wanting to go on a mission.  Romina looks up to Vero and wants to have served an amazing mission like her.

Transfer News:  Well I got some sad news.  So Ambohimangakely is being closed.  There is just not enough missionaries so they needed to close a few areas.  I was pretty upset at first but then I heard where I was going and it gave me more comfort.  I'm going to be with Elder Thompson in Anjanahary!  Now this is a way cool area because it is the APs area and since they are always busy with their AP duties we are going to be tearing this area up!  Woot woot!  This is Thompson's last transfer so I'm going to work him hard!  Elder Iata is going to Antsirabe with his cousin.  haha!  Elder Lehr is coming to Tana!!  This area will be my first area with a ward. 
Love you guys!
-Elder Mack

Elder Connault before going home.  (Elder Mack, Elder Glazier, and Elder Snell were in the MTC together)

I love this area!

Mom:  The next two pictures are from Sister Foote's Instagram page.  She is the new mission president's wife.  She said these are the Ivandry Zone missionaries.
Mom:  The mission office.  See Elder Mack posing, I mean reading the notepad?  

Thank you Elder Walker for the next few pictures

The birthday celebration at Carnivores

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