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7/6/15 - Harddrive, Guitar, & Fishhook

Salama ianareo! Iza moa ny Patron? Izaho no Patron!
Monday:  Hey y'all!  You ready for a letter!  Let's do this!!  So, last Monday after emailing we went down to the office to say goodbye to President and Sister Adams.  I brought my ukulele so me and Elder Huata from Tahiti started singing Aloha 'Oe and it was way cool because others started joining in and then we all sang God Be With You Till We Meet Again and then they started crying,  The spirit was strong.  Well, I saw a little miracle in my life today!  I got to see Elder Connault again before he leaves!!  Woo hoo!  We got to talk and chat a little and oh how I love him!  So back in Fianarantsoa my camera got stolen (we'll say stolen because I don't want to admit I lost it :p) and all my pictures and videos that I had on that were gone... I thought I would only have the pics that I had sent home.  Then I saw Elder Connault with his 150 gb hard drive and I remembered that Elder Connault had wanted to take some pics from my camera before we left Fianarantsoa.  I asked him if I could copy the pics that he copied earlier and then he told me that he had copied EVERYTHING from that flashdrive!  My pics, videos, everything I had from Fianarantsoa!  I just got everything back!  WOOT WOOT!!!  Be happy mom! :p haha

Tuesday:  We taught a new family today!  So we were tracting and I saw this family and someone was playing guitar.  I asked them if I could play and then I showed off a little and then they wanted to know who we were and why the heck there was this vazaha walking around their neighborhood.  So they accepted us and we taught them a wonderful first lesson about the restoration and they understood!  I love it when it just clicks in people's minds!  What is also nice is they live next to a member that they know!  So, we'll see how it goes with them!  The dad's name is Victor and the wife is Mamy Tina and they have one adorable little girl.

Wednesday:  We had a way good day today.  We taught 5 lessons today!  We taught a new family. Their names are Iaingo and Zano.  They have a way nice house and it seemed like they really understood what we were trying to teach them.  Yay!!  We will be teaching them again.  We taught Fi and his family.  They are all members except for the dad. They have been having problems with the dad recently and it hasn't been good.  It's gotten to the point where the son is kinda less active now so we are working with him too.

Thursday:  District meeting today!  Elder Ahlstrom is our district leader and he is a baller!  We did a lot of tracting today.  We tried tracting in this one area that's close to the church and missionaries apparently have not had much luck there. We tried our best and were able to get a few return appointments.  That's good right?  haha!  Dang - on the path there was this kid that was maybe like 12 years old but he was smoking!  I was like, "Oh my gosh kid!"  Dang - it made me remember a time back in Antsirabe after zone meeting there was this vazaha family sitting next to us in a restaurant. The dad ordered beer and he poured some in his cup, then his wifes, and then to his kid that looked like 5 years old!!  We were like, "WHAT THE ISH??"  That kid picked up that glass and chugged it in like 5 seconds.  Our jaws just dropped...

Friday:  We taught Dadabe Andre today. Way cool guy.  He's been a member for a while.  He loves to laugh with missionaries.  He makes fun of Elder Iata because he is still learning Malagasy.  Elder Iata hates it.  He always makes me give Dadabe Andre the lesson because he doesn't like speaking in front of him.  Today I talked about my fishook necklace.  I havn't shared that with anyone yet but Dadabe loved it!  haha!  Fishers of men baby!  We found a less active family and they are way cool. But they have a problem with some of the people in the church.  When I invited them back to church the wife said, "Just wait a little."  It's so sad when people don't feel comfortable enough to go to church.

Saturday:  HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!  I had a balling interview with the new mission president! He's gonna be such an amazing blessing to this mission and I'm very excited to work with him!  He's going to the Dona to help out my father Elder Lehr who is working overtime.  We taught Alexander again today!  He is way cool.  He has been very active at church and he wants to get baptized!  He did tell us that he saw Jesus and that's the reason he knows this church is true.  Hmm... but thats ok!  He understands the lessons and comes to church haha!

Sunday:  I gave my first blessing in Malagasy!  haha!  Way scary but it was not as hard as I thought it was going to be.  I can't believe I waited this long to try it.  Church was good!  7 investigators to church.  No complaints there.  We taught a new catholic family.  They have a lot of good questions but they believe that all churches are true.  They believe that if all people believe there is a God then they will be saved.  We working with them. haha

Well, that's it for this letter!  Love you guys so much!  Bisous bisous!  Shout out to Elder Woodwell who will be going into the MTC this Wednesday!  Love ya bro!

-Elder Mack
This is Sarika!

Making paint!

Video from Tsimbazaza Park, a zoo close to the Mahamasina area

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