Monday, August 10, 2015

8/10/15 - Blessings, Promises & EFY

Mom:  Elder Mack didn't have much time today so instead of doing a blog letter he said he dedicated his time today to catching up on emailing those who have been waiting.  I wanted to share a few neat things he said in his emails to individual family members:

Mom's email:  I love giving blessings.  I have actually felt inspired to say things that I knew was not my words.  Whenever I give a blessing I always feel impressed to tell the person first that God loves them.  When I gave the drunk guy a blessing God blessed him through my words with not just the ability to overcome his trial but to have the DESIRE to overcome it. 

This part of the message is for Lia.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRETTY GIRL!!!  And yes, you are my favorite Lia! ;)  There is no other Lia like you!  haha!  You're incredible and you inspire me to be better!  I hope you're excited for 1st grade!  You're such a big girl!  I don't remember telling you to grow up!  Stop it!!!  haha!  I hope Linds and Spence treated you like a princess on your special day!  Love you Lia!  Muah!"

Mom, I love it here. 
Lindsay's email:  I had an experience with the drunk dentist guy this week.  We went to his house at the beginning of the week and he was still drunk.  I gave him a little talking to about the word of wisdom and I had him write down on paper a promise to himself that he would stop and that God will help him if he let's God do so.  We came a couple of days later and he actually looked like a doctor!  He was well groomed and he looked like he hadn't had a drink in forever!  I thought that was incredible! He wants to come back to church and start over.  This gospel is true Linds and changes lives.  The atonement heals.  Nothing is impossible if you're on the Lord's side. 
The family is the foundation of happiness.  That's where our happiness comes from in this life - through those who really love you no matter what.  I feel so blessed to have been born to the family I have now.  I miss you and I miss everyone so much.  I know that you are in the Lord's hands being taken cared of right now.  I'm very grateful for that comfort. 
Spencer's email:  I was talking to President Foote the other day and apparently they are planning on setting up an EFY here in Madagascar!  They are planning on like 500 youth to attend it and have the time of their lives.
This was posted on Sister Foote's Instagram page today.  They usually go play basketball at the mission home on P-day.  Elder Snell is holding Elder Mack.

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