Monday, August 3, 2015

8/3/15 - Egged, blessings, and the gift of tongues/hands

Akory! tena marina, tam alatsinaine de torana atody sy la farina ambon ny lohako ny namako!
Hey y'all!  So, you guys may have seen the pictures last week on the blog with me smashing eggs and flour on members heads because it was their birthdays and perhaps you wondered whether or not people did that to me on my birthday?  Well, yes they did.  Haha!  Monday night we went to a soiree at Souer Mandy's house and we were playing cards for the activity and then she comes out of no where and smashes an egg on me and poured flour all over.  I'll send a pic.  Haha!  So let's get this done!

Monday:  Slayed by an egg

Tuesday:  We taught our two favorite investigators today.  We taught Midina and Ernesto.  They will be getting baptized on the 29th!  They've been so great and diligent in coming to church!  We gave them both practice baptism dates and they are pretty much ready.  Just need to tighten a few things but other than that, they are ready!  We taught english and I made everyone do an intense game of "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes."  Haha!  Then we helped Jewels with sign language.  He skypes these sister missionaries in Washington DC and learns from them.

Wednesday:  We taught a couple of less actives. Souer Fafa and Rojer.  Rojer is so old and he's gone a little crazy and deaf.  We were screaming while we were teaching him.  He is kind of lazy and he always looks for excuses to not come to church but we countered all of them excuses and he came to church!  His daughter asked for a blessing and we happily gave her one.  I love giving blessings.  I think about my grandfather Poliahu and the incredible blessing that he got from an apostle when he was young.  He had a bad accident that put his life in jeopardy.  All of his blessings were fulfilled.  I love looking for opportunities to give blessings so I could be the Lord's hands in blessing a life.  We taught Christoffe and Niry today!  They are not legally married and they need to get baptized.  It can be pretty hard for malagasies to get married in this country.  But!  They told us that they should get their copies on Monday!  Woo hoo!!!

Thursday:  Went ham!  Thompson's Birthday!  Lucky kid... he went his whole mission without getting egged and floured.. :p
Friday:  So many times fell through that it was not even funny...  We did find a less active melchizedek priesthood holder which was good!  We've been searching for those lately because according the records there should be like 50 mph (Melchizedek priesthood holders) but only half are active.

Saturday:  We taught a drunk dentist.  Haha!  And no, he doesn't get a lot of patients... :p  The lesson went well.  He was totally wasted and he understood that he was and he asked for a blessing.  Today was another day of times failing.  Me and Thompson's legs were destroyed from walking so much!!!

Sunday:  Today was fun.  I had to translate for the first time.  It was way weird.  The first hour for sacrament meeting I had to translate for the senior couples.  It was way hard.  Malagasy is such a different way to think and it is so hard to switch my brain back and forth.  It was fast and testimony meeting so it wasn't too bad.  Then during the 2nd hour I had to translate to Jewels in sign language... yikes!  Haha!  It was way fun!  Jewels is incredible and I am grateful for the gift of tongues/hands. :p We taught 2 other less actives that we found.  They both have the Aaronic priesthood and we taught them about the Melchizedek priesthood and how much that can bless their lives.

I'll stop there for now.  There is so much to talk about in so little time.  Ugh!  I love you guys!  Have a great week! Bisous bisous!

-Elder Mack
Happy birthday to me, Elder Thompson, Nicholas, and his daughter Rafotsy!

She is so freaking cute!

The APs had to go on a trip to Toliara and so we got to use the car for the week.  We got to take the Mission President's son around with us on Monday.

This is a less active who is a dentist.  We visited him and he was kinda drunk... :p  But he wants us to come back!  He looks a little crazy in this picture but don't judge!

She got me good...

Birthday cake mix, frosting, and candles sent by my family
Family Home Evening

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