Monday, August 31, 2015

8/31/15 - Transfer news, a baptism, and Elder Cook

Hey guys!
I don't have a lot of time today because Zone Conference was this morning and this is Elder Thompsons last P-day to do what he wants.  He will be going home on Wednesday. Way sad.  I had a great time with him and I am gonna miss him a lot. 
Ready for some transfer news?  I'm going to have a son!  Haha!  I will be training and I will be getting him on Thursday.  I'm way stoked.  It was pretty funny when President called me.  He told me, "Well Elder Mack I'm gonna have to give you a new comp now because you killed the last one."  Haha!  I love President Foote.  He is a great Mission President and I look up to him a lot.  On top of that he asked me to be District Leader.  I have that overwhelming feeling right now that I remember having in the MTC when I was District Leader.  Training and leading.. :p save me!  Haha! 
On Saturday Ernesto was Baptized! :)  Yay!  I will send pics next week along with pics from a Famadiana which means "turning of the bones".  It is a Malagasy tradition that families have every so many years where they open their ancestor's tombs, gather the bones together, and then hold them in the air and dance with them.  It was way fun!  Some of the members invited us. 
Zone Conference was incredible.  Elder Cook of the 70 taught the lesson and it was amazing. He taught about conversion.  I loved the talk he used by Elder Bednar, who will be here for the next zone conference!  Elder Bednar used the story of the 10 Virgins in his talk.  The lamp symbolizes testimony and the oil symbolizes conversion.  Testimony is not enough.  Action needs to happen to be converted.  The 5 Virgins that did not get their own oil were not converted and were not able to go into the bridegrooms home.  We need to first convert ourselves before we are able to help convert others.  Read the talk!
I'll give a better update next week.  I love you guys! :)

-Elder Mack

Tana Zone Conference with Elder Cook from the Seventy.  Picture posted on Instagram today by Sister Foote.

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