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10/5/15 - Be worthy again, can you feel that??, and learning patience

Hey y'all!!!

How is everything going with y'all!?  Things halfway across the world rocks!  This transfer has just kind of been a transfer of sickness. :/ Elder Tainter was feeling a little sick this week but he pushed through it and just wanted to go work.  Elder Liao had like a 104.7 fever. He couldn't think so he would just say random things.  Everything is all good now though! This Saturday we will get transfer news. It is crazy to think that I'm already half way done with training Elder Tainter. What is weird is that it was General Conference this past weekend and I didn't even know about it.  We'll probably see it in a few weeks.  Yay!  Maybe I will download it from already. I can't wait!  Haha!  Elder Tainter told me, "Wow Elder Mack, you only have one more general conference now..."  DANG IT TAINTER!!!!  Don't remind me.  I hit my 1 year in country last Thursday. That is just so weird. Let's not think about that :p LETS GET TO THE WEEK!!!!

Talata:  We were able to do a service project in the morning. Remember the brother and sister that live together in a small house because the sister's house was destroyed from a storm? We got a few members to come with us and to help them clean up the mess. Then afterwards we got to teach them. They had a lot of good questions. The brother is very smart and very into history. He gets off topic very easily but it was still a good lesson. We also taught Christoffe and Niry and started prepping them for their upcoming baptism.  Then we taught Soeur Nicole tonight. We have been wanting to work with members more lately. Elder Lehr called me the other day all excited because he believes that the stake will soon split.  That would make it a total of 3 stakes here in Madagascar! Woo hoo!  I love training! I'm learning so much from it! There was a lot that I had forgotten and it has been good to remember.  That will help the work move forward!  When we taught Soeur Nicole we taught about missionary work and how we are all missionaries.  We all need to do our part in the work of salvation!  She is going to work on getting us a referral!

Alaorbia:  Elder Tainter and I got to go on splits again with Ernesto and Sambatra.  We had a dope 8 lesson day!  The lesson I felt the spirit the most in today was with Joseph Richard. We have been a little upset with him lately because he came once to church and stopped coming and so, I SLAYED! With love of course :)  But I shared with him the story of The 10 Virgins.  I based it off of Elder Bednar's talk on Conversion. The lamps are like our testimony and the oil is like conversion. You need both to enter into the house of the bridegroom.  On Sunday, Bishop showed me a certificate for someone who had received the gift of the Holy Ghost and it was Joseph Richard who gave it to them. After the story, I told him something like, "You were the one who gave (so and so) the gift of the Holy Ghost through the Melchizedek Priesthood and you need to be worthy to give it again." After that he started crying. and of course me being a sissy I cried too.  Haha!  I hope that helped him and that he will think more about coming back to church.

Alakamisy:  I will just go with the highlight of the day today! So, Elder Thompson and I were trying to get this one less active back to church for a long time. His name is Herimora. It got to the point where when we would go to his house and he just wouldn't be there. We kind of forgot about him for a while but we felt the need to visit him again. We visited him and he didn't quite seem too happy to see us at first.  We chatted with him for a little and we ended up laughing and having a fun conversation. Then we got to the lesson where we taught about conversion. We told him that we loved him and that God loves him. I felt the spirit so strong in that lesson!  I was like thinking, "How could this gospel not be true?  Can you feel that???"  After our lesson he told us that he wanted to bear his testimony that he knew that our words were true and that he knows that God loves him. He knows that he is not perfect and that he has a lot to change but that he is going to trust in God more. That is one of those moments that I knew that this is where I'm supposed to be and that God loves all of his children.  This work ROCKS!!!!

Zoma: We taught a new family and I loved teaching them. It is kind of sad because they live right next to a dumpster.  They have two kids and the kids just love playing around in the garbage. Yikes... But for the whole lesson they were smiling. Love that!  They want to come to church.  They said they can't this Sunday but the next one they can.  Today we taught Haja again.  Remember lover boy, the one asking about eternal marriage that one time?  He is cool.  He can be a little hard headed but he came to church so he is progressing.  He totally Bible bashed us once and it is so hard to understand the Bible in Malagasy and so I didn't really understand the full extent of what he said.  Elder Tainter turns to me and asks me where that one scripture is found in the bible where it has some missing parts.  We learned earlier that in the Malagasy bible there are a few missing scriptures. Tainter goes ham in proving the bible is not perfect but the Book of Mormon is!  BAM!!!! THATS MY SON!!!!!! Haha!  Haja was speechless!!!!

Asabotsy:  Today was a little slower day of work!  It still went well!  We had a couple of good lessons but a lot of people dogged us. :/  Oh well, you get good days and bad days!

Alahady: Well, we had a good Fast Sunday! :) I had to translate for Jewels up on the stand.  He wanted to bear his testimony.  I was TERRIFIED!!!  Haha!  The dude is just going ham in sign language and I'm up on the stand sweating bullets a little.  Haha.  It was fun. Well Christoffe and Niry didn't come to church again.  We were a little upset so we actually stopped by their house and to talk with them.  Their son had diarrhea so they didn't come. I was a little hard on them but they understand that they need to come now. Hopefully they will. I can see their desire to be baptized. They just need to come to church. This is kind of three weeks in a row... :/ The hard part is that they kind of have had good excuses. Ugh. Patience Elder Mack...

Well, that's it for the letter this week!  Elder Tainter and I are going to go ham this final week of this transfer! I'm excited to see where everyone goes! I hear there are quite some changes happening. Have a good one y'all! Love ya!

Bisous bisous!! :p
Elder Mack

English class. We did an activity discussion to get them talking. We gave them the topic of 'Who is better - boys or girls?  Oops.  They went HAM!!!!  Dang it got bad!  One guy was trying to say, "Boys are strong.  Girls can't carry big things or fix stuff in the house.  Girls are weak!!"  Then a girl replies, "Like you?"  Oooo.  Dang girl!!!  Haha!  Really got them talking.
Ity no Zanako Malalako. Henoy Izy!  (Google translate says this mean, "This is my beloved son.  Listen."  When I first saw this picture I noticed how brown Elder Mack's shirt looks next to Elder Tainter's.  I thought it was neat that Elder Tainter mentioned something about this in his letter too, "For us missionaries, we go out in the morning looking spick and span... but by the end of the day our clothes are wet with sweat. Luckily mine are pretty absorbant. The difference between my shirts' whiteness and Elder Mack's shirts' whiteness is astounding. His are like a light brown, while I have my white shirts."  Elder Tainter also mentioned a talent that Elder Mack has that I was not aware of, "There are taxis and there are also taxi be's. Taxi's are normal except they will try to rip off any vazaha or sinoa they see. Sinoa is Chinese. Elder Mack is a top notch bargainer, so we get the best price most of the time - the Gasy price.")

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