Monday, December 14, 2015

12/14/15 - Church Voice, Cross Roads, & Bucketing Water

Manahoana Ianareo! Tiako be Ianareo sady malahelo anareo koa ity no paradisa!!!!! >.<

Hey y'all!  What's up?  I am so grateful for the fun and crazy week I've had this past week!  Some of you guys might think that you'd never want to come here but let me tell ya, it's great!  I don't have too much time today so lets get started with the highlights!

-My new trainee Elder Tambula is way cool and very quiet. It can be hard to get him to talk but he is sooo humble and ready to learn.  He is definitely a soft soul. When I ask him to speak louder he tells me, "I use my church voice."  Dang it.  Haha!

-Well, here's a little spiritual story. Last Wednesday it was raining hard like none other.  We had Sambatra with us and we were all getting hammered in the rain.  I decided to take shelter at one of my favorite member's homes, Manda.  She took us in happily and wet.  Haha!  Well, we left when the rain stopped but streets were flooded.  We get to this cross road.  One takes us the short way home, and the other one is long way home.  Of course the spirit tells us to take the long way home and I am so glad that we listened.  We walked past a house and inside it was flooded WAYYY bad.  We called out to them asking if they needed help, and the father looked way surprised for a sec and then asked us to help.  We go on in and the water was up to my hips when we first got there.  We got buckets and started bucketing out water.  After we were done, the guy tells me, "You know, I was bucketing water alone and then I felt the need to pray.  I prayed for help and then not to long after you guys came." #Spiritrocks  We have a return appointment with him tommorow! :)

-We walked home and the streets were flooded!!!  We ended up walking home in knee deep water.  I'll get a picture next time that happens but on our way home we found a dead guy.  He drowned.  That was not fun.  Nough said.

-We got a new investigator!  He is one of our member's husbands.  His name is Dola.  He had come to church every week for a month and only now does he want us to teach him.  We told him about our goal for him and his family and asked him why he came to church in the first place.  He said that he wanted to follow his wife and have the same faith as her.  He came to church and said he felt something new.  He asked us if he could get baptized this month!  Whoa!  Haha!  I told him he had to know the basic teachings of the church and when he can pass the interview then he can be baptized. Hopefully we can do that in January! Woo hoo!

Love you guys!  Have a great week! :)
Elder Mack

My favorite Russian!  Elder Evans from my MTC group!

The flooded house



Dang Hawaiian...

You taking a pic of me?

Give me the camera Mack.  (This is Elder Tiu who was Elder Mack's MTC comp but he is wearing Elder Tambula's nametag)

Bishop's daughter :)

I said walk slowly!


The Ward Mission Leader  - Lalaina!

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