Monday, December 7, 2015

12/7/15 - Splits, splits, more splits, and Tambalu!

Vaotonga ny namako malala tam zoma!  Tena mainty be izy!!

Hey y'all!  How are things?  Well I finally got my companion on Friday!  Woo hoo!  Elder Tambalu is a wonderful, soft hearted spirit.  He is really quiet but is way excited to preach the gospel.  He is not doing bad at Malagasy either.  He was in the MTC for only about 2 weeks and then had to go home to get some paper work done or something but it took forever for him to get and he's just had to be patient.  They decided not to have him finish at the MTC and to just send him out here.  There is a lot of work that needs to be done but he is soo humble and I am sooo excited to be his trainer. 
Well before Tambalu got here I kind of had the same week that I did last week. Splits!  So at first I was on a split with the office elders for a couple days. Way fun.  Office is kinda lame but just a different kind of missionary work.  Sister Woolley had us cleaning out the back room and then me and Davis decorated the Christmas tree in the lobby.  Haha!  #realmissionarywork :p  Then I told the zone leaders my situation and they set up for me to get Elder Coleman for a couple days so that I can work in my area!  Woo hoo!  The split was wayyy fun!  I loved being with him!  He is soooo freaking good at Malagasy!  We had a way fun lesson together with this new investigator.  I don't know if you all remember that day when I had Elder Tainter lead the day?  We were walking home and a guy came up to me on the street and asked me how he could get paradise.  I thought it was cool so I told him, "I no speak Malagasy" and then told him to talk to Tainter.  Tainter did so good and we gave the guy our number and told him if he really wanted to learn to call us and then we left.  Well he just called me a few days ago and he wants to learn.  We offered to show him around the church as well as learn there.  He accepted and he said he loved the spirit inside the church, he wants to learn, and he is excited for it!  Thanks Tainter! :) 

Well Friday comes along and I get a surprise visitor - Elder Snell!  Yah buddy!  He came on splits with me from Friday until today when he goes up to Tamatave.  The man is doing some missionary training up there.  That guy is going back to the beach!  I have not seen the BEACH YET.... oh whateves... :p  Haha! 

Church was great!  Christof and his family received the Holy Ghost and I got to stand in the circle. We had two new investigators that came to church.  It is a couple that's related to Nadia and Valery. They started learning a couple weeks ago and they seem really interested.  Well, I guess they are, they came to church.  Haha!  Well I have a lot to catch up on with Elder Tambalu.  We are already starting the third week of the transfer and so we are two weeks behind in training. YIKES.  Wish me luck!  

Love you guys! Bisou bisous!
Elder Mack

Thank you Elder Snell and mom for the following pictures!

This is the YW in the Anjanahary Ward
Elders Mack, Coleman, and Snell waiting in the mission office.  Elder Mack is holding Christmas package #2!  Yay!
Warming himself on the computer yule log

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