Wednesday, April 6, 2016

4/4/16 - Seven at Church, Say No to Coffee, and Double Saholy

Hey y'all!  How's it going!?  This will not be a big letter but eh hope y'all still love me?! ;)

Highlights of the week:

- We had seven investigators come to church!  That beat my record here of 3.  Haha!  Saholy came and brought her family.  We also had a referral named Jimmy come to church.  That was so great!  He lives close to that big baobab tree in my pictures that you may have seen.  Danio and Joseline also came to church.  Yay!

- We moved Joseline's baptism date to April 23.  We just need to finish a few more lessons and then she will be ready!

- Danio is awesome!  He has been asking some great questions in church.

- Saholy is doing fantastic. We really want to see her get baptized on the 30th of this month.  We taught her about the Word of Wisdom.  They said they usually drink coffee but then they immediately said that they will stop drinking that. 

- There was a baptism last Friday for Bradah Todso and Souer Saholy (different Saholy).  They gave such great testimonies during our testimony meeting.

- We will get to watch General Conference this weekend!  We are way excited for that!

That's a quick summary of my week.  Nothing too big.  Uba uba uba that's all folks!

 Elder Mack

Yes, that's a real turtle

We went to someone's house and there was this leaf just floating in the air...  Haha! 

We're driving to the beach for the baptism

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