Monday, April 18, 2016

4/18/16 - Lots of Teaching, Baptism Dates, & Elder Anderson Going Home Soon

Hey y'all!
Great week!  Here's a few highlights!

- Joseline passed her interview and will be baptized this Saturday! Woo hoo!

- Jimmy came to church again and he is progressing well!  He brought his family to the lesson as well and so teaching the whole family is the goal!

- We set up volleyball every Saturday for the YSA here and it is way fun!  The net is way ghetto but still good!

- Fabrice cut my hair... beauty!

- Saholy and her fam are great.  She gave us two referrals for the other elders.  She's already a missionary, how great!  Haha!

- Danio accepted a baptism date and hopefully we will be baptized the same day as Chaelle!

- Elder Anderson goes home in two weeks..... :(

- Natanael asked some great questions about the plan of salvation. He understands and is praying.

- Mama Feno is doing way good.  She's reading and so is her son.  They had some very good questions last time about Adam and Eve which we happily explained.

Love you guys!  Bisous bisous!

Elder Mack
This little kid saw me playing with my camera.  He walked over and looked under to see how it works.

pulling pospos fo days...

We're buff... not... LOLz

Yo Taxi! - Elder Wootan

My best impersonation of Dan Jones!

Fabrice our lemur

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