Monday, June 20, 2016

6/20/16 - Last Transfer

Ry papako malala, Je t'aime!
Hey y'all!  So today officialy starts off my last transfer.  As I was laying in bed last night I thought alot about my mission and the success I've seen and the souls that I have been able to be the Lord's tool for, and I am happy.  I think about being home and not being on a mission anymore.  It's sad and hurts me inside a little.  I never thought a mission would end.  It doesn't feel real.  The group right before me goes home this Wednesday and they have been alongside my group the whole mission and now they are headed home.  Elder Coleman goes home, Hammer, Delbar, Koplin, Ahlstrom, etc.  All incredible Elders that have helped shape me into who I am now.  I am grateful for missions and for the joy it brings to families.  My first interview in country I remember President Adams asking me, "Why are you here on a mission?"  I remember telling him a quote that one of my dear friends had displayed in her home - "A missionary leaves their family for two years so that other families can be together for eternity."  I have loved everyone that I've taught and have prayed and fasted for them in hopes that they will come to the truth and partake of salvation.  Isn't that a missionaries goal? Missionary service never ends.  Like President Holland said, "RM does not mean retired Mormon." Once a missionary, always a missionary. 

I got news that I will finish my mission here in Mahajanga with Elder Olsen serving with all our heart, might, mind, and strength.  It's been 6 months in this area and man is this transfer going to  be great!  Before I give a little update on my investigators I want to give a shoutout to the steak plate king himself.  Happy Fathers Day Dad!  You're exactly the kind of husband and father I want to be one day!  Thank you for treating my mom with respect and loving her and for always being worthy of the priesthood to have in our home.  I love you!

- Saholy and her kids came back from Tana and Aniez is all better.  It was so nice seeing them and seeing everyone healthy.  One of the first things Saholy asked is about their baptisms.  We told them next Saturday is the day!  They're ready!  I took Elder Cooley with me last Saturday to do their baptism interviews and they nailed it!  We will be having those three baptisms this Saturday!  Pics to come next week!

- We gave Doe a baptism date for the 23rd of July.  That will be my last baptism.  Doe, if you guys don't know, moved here from Tolear.  He moved in with his Grandpa who had lived in America for like 3 years.  He is way cool and is so good at English.  He was in the US army.  He didn't have any friends when he came here and then two white guys knocked on his door.  He is 17 and would love to serve a mission one day.  He felt very welcomed into our friends group at the church.  He comes to the church activities and didn't hesitate at all to come to church.  He is doing well and should catch his date.

- Juliette's son Erik is doing well also.  We have given him and his son Fifaliana a baptism date for the 23rd as well.  They had learned before from missionaries but moved away to a place where there was no church.  When he came back he didn't get in contact with the missionaries till now so we are prayinig for him to be able to catch his date.  He came to church the past couple of weeks and is loving it.  He is feeling welcomed and is feeling good being baptized.

I love you guys.  Have a great week!

Elder Mack

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