Monday, June 27, 2016

6/27/16 - Mini Zone Conference, Baptism, & Missing Friends

Hey y'all!  39 jour et mbola manisa ny neniko.  How's it fandehana?  You faly to mahita me amin'ny little sisy!???  Happy Madagascar Independence Day!  Today we didn't do much more than work for the holiday but we got to have dinner at Abel and Livas which was fun!

President, Sister Foote, their daughter, and the APs came up to Mahajanga this past week. We thought we were not getting a zone conference but they gave us a mini one with just the four of us.  It was great, inspiraitonal, and life changing!  President is an amazing individual and I am so grateful for his leadership here in Madagascar.  I had my second to last interview with him.  He gave me great advice for finishing strong and how to conduct myself when I get home.  He says that getting on a misson is a shock but going back is an even bigger culture shock.  Am I ready? WE'LL SEE!!!  President talked about looking for the elect and how there are a lot of people that do not know they are the elect because of the craftiness of men.  Mormon saw us in a vision preaching the gospel.  We are called to find the elect.  The APs talked about being full purpose misisonaries and having integrity.  In D&C 121:45 it talks about how keeping clean thoughts and having faith will give you courage and that priesthood power will come to us as the dews of heaven!  What an awesome promise!  What a great meeting.

Saholy got baptized!  Agnez and Carlos as well!  It was a great meeting and it was really cool having the Footes at the baptism!  The waves were a lot more pleasant this time.  The water actually receeded way far so we had to walk out a little ways to get deep enough.  They all bore manificent testimonies.  Each one of them said that it was the Book of Mormon that convinced them of the truthfullness of the gospel.  It truly is the most correct book in the world.

Danio and Chaelle had been missing for a little over a month now. We have not been able to get ahold of them by phone.  We went to their house often hoping that they would be home but they were never there.  No one around knew where they were either.  We went to church on Sunday and after sacrament they come walking in!  We were so happy so see them!  They said they had been gone at sea on a little dinky boat doing some work and they said it was way scary because they went so far out that they couldn't see land at all.  Danio said that he's still ready to learn and wants to try still catch his baptism date.  We'll see!

Love you guys!  Have a great week!

Elder Mack

Elder Olsen sifting the rice

It looks like we're on vacation but we're just visiting Felicia at work


Bought a bat

Yes, we did end up eating him

We set up the room for the APs and Office Elders

Baptism today!

Mack, Cooley, & Olsen

Mahajanga elders with Saholy, Agnez, & Carlos

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