Monday, July 11, 2016

7/11/16 - Listen to the Lord and have happiness and more fish than you could handle

Raha tsy manisa ny taratasy ataoko androany dia telo tavela.  Mahagaga!
Hey y'all!  How's it going!?  Elder Olsen and I had an awesome week.  We are first preparing Erik and Fifaliana for baptism.  They have their interviews this Saturday.  I'm way excited for them.  It's weird thinking that my last baptism here will be next week. 

We just finished the lessons with Doe as well.  He will be baptized next week.  His grandpa is a funny guy.  He's the one that lived in America for a while.  Way good at English.  We were coming back from Norbers and he saw us outside his house and invited us in.  Whenever we go to his house he tries to always dodge the topic of religion because he believes he's too old for it now.  We had a great conversation with him last night though. He believes he's found all the happiness that he's ever wanted and it's not really because of God but because of the hard work in his life.  He jokingly said that if there's a hell, "I wouldn't mind going to hell because paradise doesn't have whisky."  I don't have any right to judge him but I feel it's sad not knowing that God loves us, is a part of everything we do in our lives, and wants so much more for us.  It's awesome that his grandson has accepted it.  His grandpa eventually agreed to accept a Book of Mormon.  If he tests the Lord he WILL find more happiness. 

I'm so grateful for the truth in my life.  For this gospel.  I'm grateful for the plan of salvation.  I'm grateful that families can be together forever.  I love mine.  I want them forever. 

This past week me and Elder Olsen did alot of tracting.  I kind of relate our week of tracting to a certain story with the apostles.  They fished on one side but didn't get anything. Christ told them to go to the other side and they got more fish than they could handle.  There were these two paths that we tracted.  On the first one we tried and just got nothing.  One person let us in but was a pastor.  He loves hearing about the gospel but is not interested at all in changing.  We prayed in the hope of finding new familes and people to teach as we tract.  We are led to a path next to where we were and we FILLED our program.  Saturday we couldn't fit everyone in.  We had to reschedule a few people.  I thought we were going to run out of restoration pamphlets.  I felt on fire that day!  Haha!  We met four wonderful new families that day.  I wish I could have more time to teach them but eh c'est la vie. The area is going really well.  I'm really sad that my time is coming to an end but I'm ready to see you guys. 

Love you all!  Have a great week!

Elder Mack

Volleyball on P-day

Get-together with Norber.  We had brochette.  We POUNDED that! 

I'm a walrus

Look how much brochette we ate!  Yes, that's an orange eyebrow. 

This is Lunydah on the left and Antsa on the right.  They found mom on Facebook!  Lunydah conducts the music and I play piano for sacrament meeting.  Antsa is a new convert and when she saw a picture of Lia fell in love with her.  She said Lia looks like her best friend when she was little.

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