Monday, July 18, 2016

7/18/16 - Choose to be like the Savior

Hey y'all!
17 days today.... That can't be real....!  I'm doing good but I am feeling ready to see you guys.  And then I'll want to come back here.  Haha!  Seriously - this place would be paradise if you guys were here with me.  I have so many mixed feelings right now.  It's driving me a little insane.  I am grateful for technology so I can still keep in touch with some people here. 

We have a baptism this coming Saturday!  Erik, his son Fifaliana and Doe!  I'm way stoked!

Our investigators are all good and happy.  We have built up a good pool of investigators and I feel good about leaving these good people for whatever new missionary comes up to Mahajanga with Elder Olsen.

One of my favorite talks is The Character of Christ by Elder Bednar!  Check it out.  It's life changing. Choose to be like the Savior.

Short but sweet.  Love you guys!

Elder Mack
My last companion - Elder Olsen

Let's go teach!!!

This is how Fabrice makes shelves.  He takes a box from the missionaries and nails it to the wall.

This is Clamantine's sister.  She came for vacation with her children and showed interest in the church so we got to teach her.  She thinks I'm funny.

Fish anyone?

Kiss da fish!!!  Everyday is fish eating day!

Dinner appointment at Jean Louis!  He served in New Zealand.  Way good at English.  I met him when he first got off his mission and he came home to Antsirabe. 

Playing monopoly with Fabrice and Fabien

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