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3/2/2015 - Keep Trying, Nofing, & Anjelo

Hey Hey HEY!!!!

"The most important thing is to keep trying!" - Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Tena marina izany! Hey y'all! I thought it would be kinda cool along with the word of the week I could share a quote of the week.  The quote today was one that stood out to me this week. This week was a little harder week. It was hard to get appointments and it felt like a lot of our investigators were not really progressing like we want them to. Missions are hard, life is hard but, "If the blessings were immediate, choosing the right would not build faith" -Henry B Eyring. As we continue to work and to try that is when the blessings come.  If we don't take action, then nothing will happen. Times will get tough on a mission, times will get tough in life. I know as we continue to try and to trust in God that is when we will receive the blessings that we need and hoped for. It may sometimes not happen the way we wanted it to but it always works out as we trust in God. There's my little spiritual thought for the day! :p
So instead of the word of the week this week I will tell you how Malagasys prounounce some things. For 'Joseph Smith' they pronounce it as 'Jusef Smiff'. They can't make the "th" sound to save their lives.  In English class it is fun to hear them pronounce English words.  We have some pretty good English speakers and then some that are not.  Danny, our balling investigator, comes to English class to learn and I was trying to teach him how to say 'nothing'.  This was our conversation back and forth - "nothing", "nofing", "nothing", "nofing." He tries so hard.  Here's a kind of funny story.  The "tr" in a word is pronounced as "ch".  I sent this text to an investigator thinking I said, "We'll be at your 'chano' (house) at 3:30."  He was so confused because house is spelled 'trano' not 'chano'.  I was spelling how it sounded.  Elder Hammer was laughing when our investigator showed him the text when we got to his house. Still adjusting to Malagasy!!! haha
So like I said earlier, this week was a little harder KANEFA (but) we had a few very spiritual lessons that made me say to myself, "How could people think this church is not true?" I don't mean to brag about our church or anything but eh, it's perfect :p
We have a balling new investigator named Anjelo. We taught him yesterday for the first time and I think everything just went perfect. He was engaged in the lesson, and he was asking questions. It was one of those lessons that we felt like we helped this person UNDERSTAND why we believe what we believe. It was AWESOME!!! Tarsile and Onja are still doing awesome! Tarsile made it to church but something came up for Onja. She brought Danny again which was awesome! Danny is always asking when we can teach him! I swear, we taught him like 3 or 4 times this week! We were kind of worried that it was too much but he's getting it!  He understands and he remembers! Love that kid!  I got a pic with him!  I'll try to send it!
OH HEY!! Guess what!? Do you all remember Jean!? He's the one that we were looking for and that bebe was like, "What?  I don't have any kids!" That one! We set a baptism date with him! He came to church and we are super excited for him! We are trying to set up an appointment with him now every week where we can teach his family! Cool right!? He is understanding everything super well and progressing nicely! AWESOME!!!
Well, that's it for this week! Thank you all for your love and prayers!  Ya'll have a good one!
Elder Mack

Elder Connault and Elder Davis' area

Every Saturday we teach English class.  This little girl was being maditra (naughty) in English class so Elder Connault put her outside the window.

Etienne's new baby

This is a little game that the kids do here.  They make little shops and sell plants, a little food, rocks for slingshots, etc.  For money they use candy wrappers.  Genius! 

This is Danny

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