Monday, March 30, 2015

3/30/15 - Time is Flying, Youth Activities

Yo yo ianareo!! Matoa tena tiako ianareo dia mahafianaritra sy bogosy be ianareo!!

How are you all doing!?  I miss you guys a ton but I am having a BLAST in Madagascar!!!  The week was balling!  This week flew right past my face!  I swear last p-day was like 2 days ago!  Well, with how much fun I'm having in this area (don't mean to brag :p ) I know that my time here is going to fly!  It's so weird how fast time has gone by.  My mom just told me that my siblings are on their 4th term is school!  What the heck? haha then Lindsay will be a senior and Spence will be in high school (I think :p, love you bro haha how old are you now?)  Yes mom, I get to see Elder Lehr all the time!  It's so great!  Elder Gariki does sing and he speaks French, Tahitian, English, Spanish, and Malagasy now. 
So, WORD OF THE WEEK!!!! woot woot... Mitsangatsanga (me-sahn-ga-sahn-ga) vs. mijangajanga (me-zon-guh-zon-guh).  These are just one of those words that sound super close but mean something TOTALLY different.  Mitsangatsanga means to like walk around and kind of do tourist things like site seeing, all that fun jazz.  If a Malagasy says, "Hey what's up?" You can say, "Mistangastanga foatson." Then there is mijangajanga which means to commit adultery.  If a Malagasy asks you, "Hey what's up?" and you say, "Mijangajanga foatson" they will look at you funny and probably will just walk away... haha :p

This week was super cool!  The first week was definitely weird just because I was new and I didn't know anyone but I think the people are starting to warm up to me.  Hopefully. :p haha  The branch is way cool.  It is still a work in progress.  A lot of things are still not organized.  Me and Elder Gariki right now are trying to set up the weekly young men and young women activites.  It's a little harder here but it's coming along.  Our proselyting work right now is working with less actives not new investigators.  So right now we have about... drum roll... 100 LESS ACTIVES!!!  Insane..  I got here and my jaw dropped...  Yikes!  But getting them converted to the gospel is what is the most important! And guess what!?  Yesterday for church we had so many less actives come to church!  It was awesome!  It was a way good day for less actives!  Me and Elder Gariki were so happy we were dancing the dougie behind the church!  haha nah nah joke.  We had a branch conference and we were so happy to see so many people. There were 140 people that came to the conference.  Our usual number is like 110.  We were so happy!  Branch is way cool!  The church is in the process of building a new church building right now!  The land is already picked out.  They just need to start construction!  I won't get the chance to see it probably but it's cool to see the church growing! .
Well, I think I'll cut the letter off here.  I love you all a lot!  Have a great week!  For those of you starting a new term - good luck!

-Elder Mack

Dramatic shot.  Rice paddies fo days.

I may or may not be standing in the middle of a rice paddie

Train tracks...

Elder Snell and Elder Delbar came to Antsirabe on P-day!

Bogosy :p  I asked Elder Snell if he could get me an elder wand made in Ambositra :p  Get it?  Elder wand.  Harry Potter fans?  Jokes fo days.

Me and Elder Gariki

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