Monday, October 12, 2015

10/12/15 - Transfers, the Book of Mormon is likened to loaka, & eyebrow singing

Yah, somary mbolo marary aho fa tsy maninona!  Mbola bogosy be aho!
Hey y'all!!  Well, here we are again, another week quickly ended fast and I'm starting to get trunky! haha just kidding mom... :p  Well we just got transfer news and I will finish Elder Tainter's training here in Anjanahary!  Woo hoo!  Transfer news was fun. but freak!  Almost everyone close to me is leaving!  Elder Snell is going to Fianarantsoa...  My mom, Elder Hammer is going to Tamatave... Elder Lehr is staying but he dies during this next transfer!!!  Dang it!  I will actually be going on a split with Elder Lehr this Wednesday!  Woo hoo!  He is going to come to my area and his trainer is going to be our member present for the day!  Oh I'm soo stoked!  Elder Tainter is going to experience the Mahamasina life where Elder Lehr says life is perfect.  Haha! nah nah joke.  Dang, I'm getting old.  Elder Snell just pulled a bunch of gray hairs out of my head.. oh boy.  EH!  WHO NEEDS HAIR right?! haha  Shall we get on with the week?  Oh we shall :p
Alatsinainy: We got to say goodbye to one of our favorite members, Patrique and his wonderful family. We got to share a spiritual thought with them, talk a lot and have dinner.  It was great. They are moving the zone leaders area but they are going to make a huge difference over there. Patrique will be opening up his restaurant and he is going to be a success.
Talata: We got to teach a new family! They seem pretty interested. They are Catholic but they are not quite sure what their own beliefs are so they ask us what we believe about certain topics and if it makes sense they accept it. We are hoping to see progress in them. We might be able to get another family out of the lesson because the daughter brought a couple of her friends and they were way into the lesson so they wanted to talk to their parents about accepting us. We taught Haja again today. Haja is probably one of my favorite investigators but yet one of those I fear a little. He is a deep thinker. He will go ham with the bible sometimes and try to make a point using a ton of scriptures and I can't follow him sometimes!  But he has come the past couple of weeks to church. We taught him how the Book of Mormon and the bible work together!  One cannot be without the other.  My favorite demonstration to explain it only works for malagasies. So the foundation of malagasy food is rice and loaka (which is like all types of meats, just whatever meat or topping you feel like for that meal).  I tell them, "The Book of Mormon is like the loaka and the bible is like the rice.  You cannot eat one without the other right?"  Then it hits them, "NO YOU CAN'T"  Yes!  Best missionary in the world.  Haha.
Alaorbia: Well, Ernesto was sick and Sambatra was lasa any ambanivohitra so they couldn't help us go out this week so me and Elder Tainter tried to still get our master Wednesday schedule without member help!  How did we do?  8 LESSONS BABY!!!  Haha!  We went to Ernesto's home and gave him a blessing. He wanted to learn about blessings and so we gave him a lesson on it. I told him about the time me and my dad gave my beautiful sister a blessing when she was sick.  This was the day right before we were going to the temple and I left on my mission. and she was healed. He loved it. (BTDubbs, Ernesto thinks you're hot Linds :p ) We taught Joseph Richard and he is doing so well. He is soo close to being one of the most diligent members. He has such a wonderful testimony. The word of wisdom is just such a big problem for people here and it can be more harder for some.  We set Joseph Richard on that 12 step addiction recovery program so we are hoping it works.
Alakamisy: We went to Christoffe and Nirys and gave them a hard lesson on the sabbath day. They haven't come to church in 3 weeks, which is pretty sad, but they always have a somewhat good excuse so I know it can be hard. But, the lesson went well. Christoffe is still doing good with avoiding cigarettes. We also got to teach Nadia and Valery. Valery is still kind of a shmuck but we love him.  Haha!  He has actually progressed alot. He has a hard time trying to find motivation to work his faith. We are still looking for that trigger but when we find it, he will be an incredible asset for this church. Nadia has been praying for him non-stop. She told him straight up in the lesson that she wants him to get the priesthood so he can lead his family in the best way.  We talked about prophets and hopefully things are starting to click for him.
Zoma: We taught a new investigator!  His name is Stefan and he is soo dope! He has learned from the missionaries before but he wanted to learn again. He reviewed with him the restoration and he loved it. He had a problem before with not coming to church because he worked but now, he doesn't work anymore on Sunday so bam!  Haha!  We then went to the church for a ward activity!  It was way fun! We got a bunch a people to come!  Even Joseph Richard came! I was so happy to see him there talking with the members.
Asabotsy sy Alahady:  Wow, these days were kind of mahakamo days!  Haha!  Me and elder Tainter had 14 times with those two days combined. Guess how many times we got from those?  2... yup, no kidding.  C'est la vie... but, church was great!  I had Elder Tainter translate for Jewels.  It's not easy.  #besttrainerintheworld  Joke.  But since then he has been asking a ton of sign language questions.  It's exciting.  Haha!  Well, we got a dope referral from a member!  It is a new family and they CAME TO CHURCH!!  I hope we can keep that up with them! Woo hoo! Well we learned of another little miracle. Elder Lehr's trainer's real dad is less active.  His trainer is Malagasy.  His dad has been less active for over a year. Missionaries have been visiting him every week since then. I was kind of mad at that. Haha!  I don't know if missionaries were just splashing water in his face or what but people need "eyebrows singed!"  Elder Holland of course.  If I learned anything from Elder Thompson it is how to THROW DOWN!!  Haha!  Well, we gave him a great lesson from 2 Nephi about the judgement day with great help from everyone in his family last Wednesday and guess who came to church today. YOU GUESSED RIGHT!!! He did! :)
Well, this week rocked!  Another transfer gone, too few left.... ugh... but training is dope! I love Elder Tainter and I love watching him progress! He knows how to deal with my yellow!! haha (inside joke) Well, I still am a little sick but I'm working and doing sports but man... diarrhea... nuff said.  Haha! Well, I love you all!  Wish me luck this week!  And I will return that with wishing you all happy lives and big smiles! :) Bisous Bisous!
-Elder Mack

Thank Sister Foote for your Instagram pics!  This is from today's p-day soccer game.

Elder Mack is in the last row with his arms on his mission dad and mom (Lehr & Hammer).

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