Monday, October 26, 2015

10/26/15 - So much spiritual juice just filled me up!

Efa salamalama aho ary tena vonona be ho any ity herin andro ity!

Hey y'all!
What an incredible week I had this week!  Zone conference was incredible and so was the conference with ELDER BEDNAR!!!  Wow, 2 days in a row.  So much spiritual juice just filled me up!  We took Jewels to the event and after the meeting we asked him if he was hungry and he told us, "No, I am so full of spiritual food that I can't fit anything else in."  It really was soooo good! We got to sit in the front row because we were translating for Jewels.  Haha!  Translating today was way hard. I don't have Bednar vocabulary in my hands!  Haha!  Elder Anderson helped a lot with the translating too and I was grateful for that.  I didn't get to shake his hand but I was seated only about 10 feet away from him and he looked right at me a few times.  I could feel the lightning from his eyes!  Hot dang!  Well onto dis week!

1.  Christoffe and Niry passed their baptism interview and they will be getting baptized soon.  Niry and Faniry came to Church but Christoffe didn't come.  If we can get him to come at least 2 times next month then we will baptized.  I know that they have a strong testimony and love this church. Christoffe's boss has been kinda ridiculous.  He has not been allowing him to come to church.  We'll see what happens. 
2.  We got to go on a split with the zone leaders. Way fun!  Elder Covey is soo cool!  He helped me a ton with my teaching. We taught a way good lesson with Ianta and Lemanana.  I hope they will progress soon. We went hard core focus into the priesthood and I think they are starting to get that it was taken away. 
3.  One of our friends in the ward Chaelle left on her mission today. She is going to Tahiti! Yikes! Soo cool!  She is from Mahajanga but she came and stayed with Tolotras family until she left.  She'll be going to the Provo MTC so if any of you happen to be at the MTC, say "hi" to her for me would ya!
4.  Elder Bednar spoke on many different topics.  He set up an awesome question and answer discussion with the members.  He talked about the Book of Mormon, the priesthood, the temple etc.  I loved hearing what he had to say about the temple.  He mentioned that when some people get a temple near to them that they don't go to the temple often and don't take advantage of it being so close.  He said that when God knows that the Malagasies are not going to do that and when he knows that the members are really going to take advantage of the temple then God will inspire his prophet to build a temple in Madagascar. That hit the members pretty hard I think.  It was great!
5.  I got to go on a split with Elder Wiscombe again and it was dope as always!  Dang I'm gonna miss that kid!  He's da man!  He is incredible at the language and will bless the people in Ft. Dauphin! 

Well, not too much else happened this week.  We're looking forward to hearing general conference this week! I'm way excited!  Have a great week everyone! Bisous bisous!
-Elder Mack
Elder Leo from Samoa
This is Chaelle.  She left today to go on her mission to Tahiti.

Elder Tainter arm wrestling with his great-grandpa
Muscle poses for days

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