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10/19/15 - The dream split and a little miracle...

Tena reraka be aho, ataoko fa ho faty aho amin'ny it herin andro ity....

Hey yall!

Wow, I'm pooped... haha!  Transfer weeks are always fun!  Everyone is getting settled in and ready to kill it this transfer.  I've got 6 weeks of training with Elder Tainter left and then we both move on to something new.  I've still felt sick this past week.  It's been hard to get my body to move. Fa, TSA MANAHY.  We still had a dope week!  Well kind of... haha.  Let's talk about it shall we?
Talata: Tainter and I did that service project again for Rene and Ivon. It was way fun and we had a good lesson afterwards. Breaking down a house can be so much fun and getting all that dust in your system rocks!! (Get it, rocks, in stomach.... joke.) Well, we got to teach that new family, Lemanana sy Ianta. They are a fun family to teach. We invited them to be baptized and they were a little iffy about it because they said they have already been baptized and asked why they need to be baptized again. Well that's the next lesson - PRIESTHOOD! 

Alaorbia:  I had such a DOPE day!  I got to go on a split with my wonderful father Elder Lehr!  On top of that Elder Wiscombe came with us because he's waiting for his plane to go to Fort Dauphin.  We also had Elder Lehr's trainer with us.  He is in my ward and was our member help!  Wow!  That was my dream split!  Haha!  I kinda felt bad for them though when we went to teach Jewels.  I had to teach in sign language and no one understood.  Haha!  Take that Elder Lehr!  The padawan becomes the master (for once).  Well Elder Lehr taught some balling spiritual thoughts today.  I loved watching him teach.  I wish I could have understood him better when I was in training so I could have gained so much more wisdom in the lessons.  Haha.  I didn't understand very much back then.  Well we finished the day off with a soiree at Tolotra's house and it was great.  Elder Lehr gave a beautiful lesson about giving our will to God. It was definately something that Etienne needed to hear.
 Alakamisy:  Elder Stringfellow was waiting for his plane to go to Mahajanga so he went on a split with us today. He just came from my old area, Andranomanelatra.  Sadly, the area closed.  I was in the APs car with President this morning going to the office and I was like, "Why are you closing all the areas I've worked in?" Haha!  He just laughed. 

Zoma sy Asabotsy:  Well these days were kind of hard days.  We got dogged a lot.  A lot. Like Saturday we had 6 times planned and zero went through.  So we did a lot of strengthening members. We have a couple of people preparing for missions so we went over teaching them about missionary work and starting to get them involved with it.  We have seen great success with it.  We also got some good referrals from people!  I don't know if I've already mentioned that a member gave us a referral for a family and they have already come to church!  Woo hoo!  Ernesto got two people in his family to come and learn.  It was great. Some other members got us a couple of referrals as well! Investigators found by members are the best investigators. 

Alahady: Well, it was a beautiful Sunday.  Rene came to church today!  He appreciated our help so much that he came to church!  I felt kinda bad for him because the talk today was long and a little boring.  A high councilor went on for about forty minutes just reading general conference talk's really fast.  Tainter translated for a senior couple and I was translating for Jewels.  I could barely keep up...  It was hard because general conference talks have some different vocabulary.  A little miracle happened today...  So me and Elder Tainter went and visited Christoffe and Niry last week and they wanted us to visit a family member who was sick. We gave her a blessing and she was healed the next day.  She came to church today and now wants to learn from us!  Woo hoo!  Me and Elder Tainter also went to the hospital today and were able to give one of the toughest rocks in this ward a blessing!  His name is Bernard!  He is a great man!  I loved talking with him. 

Well, that's all folks.  Have a great week! 

-Elder Mack

Posing with Snelly before he goes off to fight the apostasy!

These bogosy dudes are heading off to paradise in fabulous Fort Dauphin!  WiscomBEEE!

Three generations baby!!!
Yup, Grandpa's got a sipa kely.  (little girl friend)

This is Elder Covey's child Elder Olsen.  We are heading up to the Ivandry mall which is that American mall I talked about that one time.  It's insane!
Elder Nelson and Elder Mack (Thank you Elder Nelson for the following pictures)

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