Monday, November 16, 2015

11/16/15 - Elder Lehr is gone, brownies, and baptisms

NOOOOOOO!!! Efa lasa nody ny mpampiofanako....

Hey y'all!  How's it going?  This week has been a little bit rougher than usual.  We were getting dogged a lot but the times that were home have been incredible. I'm excited to talk a little about them. First of all... ELDER LEHR IS GONE!!!! :(  Wow I miss him.  There is this bond between a trainer and trainee and I loved having Elder Lehr as a trainer!  Hey, take care of him on the other side okay? Haha!  Thx!  Well, here's a few of my highlights of the week!

- Mamyniaina passed her bapism interview so she will be getting baptized on the 20th along with Christofe, Niry and their daughter!  They are READY!!  Mamyniaina and Mamenosoa will also be getting married on Thursday, the day right before the baptism.  After that then they can be baptized but I've already got the invitation and everything.  They want me to make brownies for the wedding.  Tried to tell them that I'm not that good at baking brownies but they insisted.  Haha! 

- On Tuesday I decided to have Elder Tainter lead the day.  We only have one more week together and then he will most likely lead the area.  I had him lead me everywhere and lead all the lessons and I gave soo little help.  It was so hard to not help.  I kinda felt bad but yet, BEST TRAINER EVER!!  Haha!  Joke.  He was on top of his toes the whole day.  A couple times of times it took us 45 minutes to an hour to find the house but it's all good.  The boy figured it out.  Haha!  Love him!

- We had our last district meeting with Elder Rigby and we ALMOST got him to cry. Dang it Rigby!  Haha! 

- Valerie is starting to progress more. We explained to him our goal and why we do what we do. We told him straight up that we came here to baptize him. He has a lot of things that he needs to take care of.  He told us that he wanted to have eternal life and that he wanted to be with his family.  We focused a lot on that desire of his, told him exactly how he can reach that goal, and let him know that it will take work on his part.  He has promised to not drink when the missionaries come over so he can learn.  It's a start. 

- Transfers are coming up this Saturday and I'm nervous to see what happens.  I may leave or I may not.  We'll see.  I just know whatever happens will be revelation. 

- Alexandra and Lydia got baptized last Saturday!!!!  They were so excited and I'm very grateful for the chance that I had to do the baptism.  The sisters did a good job in teaching them and I loved following their progress. 

Well, I hope you all have a great week and have a great Thanksgiving!  Is that this week?  I don't remember anymore.  Haha!  Bisous bisous!

Elder Mack
Love dis area!!
On President's birthday Elder Rigby egged him and got him pretty good. 
So, President got him back!  :p

This wonderful couple is the Asays!  I have loved being in their ward and they have served long and hard for Mada. 
They go home on Friday to Texas.
This is Gaelle!  This baller served in the Caribbean and is soooo good at English.

Four generation pic!!!  BAM!  
Turkey Bowl football game today


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