Monday, November 2, 2015

11/2/15 - You the son of Mo' Bettah

Hey y'all!

So, today I really have no time. The electricity was out most of the day and I couldn't get on the internet till late.  I think they only turn on the electricity at night when people don't need it.  Haha.  So annoying sometimes.  Sorry, this email is going to be short.  Just a few highlights,

1. General Conference was incredible!  I had to translate a few talks for Jewels and it was soooo hard to do that. Yikes!  I still got some good spiritual juice but I'll have to watch it again so I can focus on just what is being said.  I really like the talk about choosing a scripture every week and then pondering it and take it to heart for that week!  Love it!!!  I also loved Elder Holland's talk as well! Love you mommy :) 

2. Street contacting has never been my favorite.  I used to think it was pointless because we just run into too many drunks but we gave it another shot after the zone leaders recommended doing it.  The first guy we talked to invites us in and is searching for the true church!  BAM! 

3. We filled Mamy Niainas baptism record and she wants to get baptized on the 20th.  They will get married on the 19th!  We already have the invitation!  We will move Christoffe and Niry a day back and have a 4-baptism day! BAM! 


Sorry to cut this way short but gotta go save the world ya know!  Byeee!  Bisous bisous!

-Elder Mack

Elder & Sister Bednar with President & Sister Foote
Elder Liao! 
We got guitars made!

This is Patrique, one of the ward members.  I just love this guy.  He served a mission in his home country.  He just opened a restaurant here and so we went to his opening.  It's a nice American restaurant that he opened right next to the embassy.  One of his workers came up to me and said, "Hey, you the son of Mo' Bettah!"  Haha.  They surprised me.  I had told Patrique about my dad's restaurants back home and he's been telling others and showing them the website.  I thought that was way funny.   
Patrique's wonderful wife Faniry
This is a steak sandwich with a side of fries.  It is pretty good!  It's about a $3 meal with a drink.

Elder Kissi from Ghana.  He's my brother.  Elder Hammer trained him.

Thank you to Sister Foote for posting the rest of the pictures and videos.  Here is the Tana missionaries watching the Sunday afternoon session of General Conference.

Video - "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet"

 Video - "Rejoice the Lord is King"

Video - "Come, Follow Me"
Video from Zone Conference - "Called to Serve"

North Zone Tana missionaries at Zone Conference
The APs training.  Elder Mack on the front row.

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