Tuesday, November 24, 2015

11/24/15 - Transfer news, a wedding, a baptism, & some turkey

Gaga kely ahy satria ny zanako no mandeha fa tsa manahy! hampiofana indray aho!!
Hey y'all!  How's everything going!? :) 

Elder Tainter and I had such a great week and I'll give you a few highlights in a sec but I think you guys want a little transfer news first so we'll take care of that!  So, I'm actually staying in Anjanahary.  Elder Tainter is still going to be serving in Tana but in an area called Itaosy with Elder Tshuma!  I think Elder Tshuma is one of the funniest guys I have ever met. Haha!  Tainter will have fun.  Well, ready for my new companion?  It's.... I DONT KNOW!  I'll find out on Thursday at the training meeting :p  Haha!  Das right, I'm going to train AGAIN in the same area!  Man, as my father Lehr bear would say, "My Taranak will spread!!" >.<  Well, I'm way excited cause Elder Davis is coming to the office and is living with me.  Woo hoo!  I got my ginger back!!  This house is going do be awesome! :)
- Friday was our BAPTISM!!! Christof, Niry, Faniry, and Mamyniaina all got baptized and it was wonderful and spiritual to be apart of.  I love working and watching people make it to this step in their lives.  What's next?  TEMPLE!!  Woo hoo!  I baptized Christof and Mamyniana and then Elder Tainter baptized Niry and Faniry.  It was kinda hard doing Mamyniainas baptism because she's pregnant and should give birth next month... Haha Tainter was great.  Faniry was having trouble going under the water so Elder Tainter shoved her under there.  Haha!  After they were baptized they shared their wonderful testimonies.
- Mamyniainas wedding on Thursday was wonderful. We had the APs tag along and they had a really good time.  Me and Elder Tainter were the master photographers! :p
- I wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving while I still had Elder Tainter so we did that last Thursday at Manda's house. We bought a turkey, duck, and pig and Manda cooked it.  Then we made brownies and mashed potatoes and we grinded!!  WAHHHH!!!
I'm way excited to train again and I'm also way excited for the plan that God still has for me in this area.  I will be here for 5 transfers which is pretty long for one area but this is an incredible area and I'll keep trying to bless it through the holy priesthood that I have!  Love you guys!  Church is true!

Bisous bisous!
Elder Mack

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