Monday, November 30, 2015

11/30/15 - Thanksgiving, Waiting for my companion...

Tsa mbolo manana namana aho izao.. mbolo miandry. 

Hey y'all! :)

Well, not going to lie... this is going to be a pretty short letter.  Haha!  This last week has been a little poopy but yet HECKA AWESOME!  Well me and Elder Tainter had our last day together on Tuesday and it was kinda sad to see him say goodbye to the people in his first area.  I called him up a couple of days ago and he is doing good with his new comp. :)  I love Elder Tshuma and they will have a lot of fun together.  Well you guys ready to know the name of my new comp? ..... Elder Tambalu!  I think that's how you spell it.  Haha!  The thing is I havn't met him yet... :p  I don't know what he even looks like yet!  There was a problem with him back in Africa or something.  I think he couldn't get his police report so he is having probs getting over here to Tana.  If things go well he should be here by this Friday.  It's been kinda hard because I havn't been able to work in my area. What have I been doing you may be wondering?  SPLITS!!!  I am with the 67ha Elders!  Elder Kelsch and Elder Evans from my MTC group are such ballers and I have missed hanging out with them.  We all came together and it was so cool to see how each of us have changed since the MTC. We have had some fun lessons together.  We all just got done with training someone so it was pretty nice being with people from your original group.  Training is soo much fun and I'm way excited to train again.  I talked to the MTC teacher and she said that Elder Tambalu is wonderful and that he is humble, teachable, and picking up the language fast.  She also said that he is from an area where he has to walk like two hours to get to church and he thirsts for more knowledge. He doesn't know a lot of doctrine about the gospel but he will learn.  I'm way stoked.  Well, that's really it.  I'll talk to you all next week and give a better letter at that time. :p  Bisous bisous!

-Elder Mack

The following are pictures from Sister Foote.  

Here is Elder Mack with Elder Davis.  They are at a little store right by the office.  They lived in the same house in Fianarantsoa and will live in the same house in Anjanahary.  There will be six elders in the same house - the APs Elder Covey and Elder Herrin, the office elders Elder Davis and Elder Anderson, and then Elder Mack and his companion.  
Missionaries at the Mission Home at transfer time.

This is Thanksgiving lunch with President and Sister Foote, the trainers, and trainees.  Elder Mack said he loves talking with President Foote.  Sister Foote posted these videos of them singing Happy Birthday to Elder Koplin.  You can hear Elder Mack laugh in the first one and see him on the right side of the table in the second video.  This mom will take whatever pics and videos she can get.  :)

Thank you Elder Tainter for the next pics!

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