Monday, February 29, 2016

2/29/16 - Heat, Rain & Zaboomafoo!

Karakory ma!!!!  Inona Kabary?

Hey y'all!  I'm getting soo brown!!!  Jealous???  Nah nah joke.  How's things?  All good?  Great!  I am exhausted!!  Haha!  The heat is a killer.  Way humid!  Rain is always soo hard.  It floods crazy when it rains here.  It floods my room everytime it rains.  I need to get that fixed.  The APs let us use flip flops one day because it was so bad.  The Malagasies thought we were crazy walking to their houses because the streets are all flooded.  Haha!  Well, here's da letter today eh?!

- We went to Lac Sacre today!  It is about a 12km walk to get there and back but the lake was way cool, and way pretty.  It's not as nice as Lac Tratriva but still so cool. The fish were huge and we got to see lemurs!  So the type of lemurs there are called Maki and when the guides call for them they yell "Mack!"  That caught me off guard cause I was zoned out when he yelled it the first time.  Haha! The maki lemurs are like the Zaboomafoo lemurs.  Remember that show? :p  Way cool!  They are used to humans so we got to get close.  They showed us crocs too.  I was kind of annoyed with the guides because they were poking them with a stick.

- Josaline is doing great!  She is getting ready for her baptism.  That will happen next month and should be around the time her son gets his mision call. Way excited. We keep telling him that we already know where he's going and he's like, "Noooo you don't!" Haha!

- We kinda rocked a families world the other week.  They were talking up the Bible and saying that there is no need for the Book of Mormon.  In the Malagasy version of the Protestant Bible there are a few verses missing and I showed them Matio 23:14.  It doesn't exist.  The daughter was like, "I've been using this Bible since I was a kid... and it's wrong...?"  Oops....!  That sparked interest in the Book of Mormon and they are excited to read it now.

- We are teaching this man named Jean Chry.  He is hard to catch cause he is poor and needs to work a lot but he is a sweet father who is way excited to learn from us.  He loves the Book of Mormon!

- We had a branch family home evening thing last Friday and it was fun. That day it rained HARD so the branch president called and said he was not going to come.  He was supposed to bring the lesson, gosh dang it, so guess who it falls on?  The missionaries and whomever is the newbie, this guy.  Haha!  We brought a few investigators and they loved interacting with the members.  They were laughing during the games and enjoyed themselves.  I'm thinking of Saholy and her daughter.

- We are flying back to Tana this week for zone conference.  We have a week there so we are going ROGUE!!!  Dun dun dun DUNNNN! (Don't worry mom, we'll be productive) :p

Love you guys!  Have a great week!  Bisous bisous!

- Elder Mack

This is Angel!  She tries to teach me French.  Haha!

This is Elder Reynolds.  He's fabulous.

Panini Thursdays!!!

This is the famous baobab tree in Mahajanga!


Pepo, pepo, peponi!!!

Going to Lac Sacre!

Here it is folks!

Any Zaboomafoo fans?

He didn't like this... Haha!  We forgot to buy bananas :p

It's a croc!  One of the most dangerous creatures in Madagascar!

Lia - Pascal followed me to Mahajanga!

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