Monday, March 7, 2016

3/7/16 - Bountiful, Mamas, & Elder Hamilton

Tsy niasa tam ity herin andro ity izaho noho ny vacance!!  Hey y'all!  How's it goin?  Yah well, I'm on vacation so no big letter today :p  Haha!  Joke.

- We flew in last Wednesday for the Zone Conference!  We have just been doing splits fo days. 

- Last Thursday I went with Elder Stringfellow and Elder Cooley!  Woo hoo!  The Bountiful boys!  They are both way cool and I love going with elders from my group!  That's the first time I got to be with Elder Cooley and he is a great and fun missionary.  We tracted pretty much the whole day. 

- Friday I got to go on a split with Elder Nelson and Elder Bingham in Ambohimangakely!  It was incredible.  I got to have a soirée with Mama Tendry again!  She is my Ambohimangakely mom and took such good care of me and Elder Iata! 

- On Saturday I went with Elder Tainter to Itaosy and boy has he progressed a lot!!  He is way good at Malagasy now!  I got to pretty much sit back and relax and let him do everything! 

- On Sunday I went to church at Betongolo!  We didn't tell Mama in Betongolo we were coming and when we walked in we saw her chuckle.  Haha! 

- Monday was the Zone Conference!  Elder Hamilton (the general authority) came to the meeting and he answered a lot of our questions.  He shared a talk that Elder Christofferson gave.  It was about the freedom to choose.  Twas way good. 

We go back to Mahajanga on Wednesday.  I hate planes now... haha!  Well, love you guys!  Have a great week!  Bisous bisous!

-Elder Mack

Thank you Elder Tainter and his mom for this picture!

Zone Conference in Antananarivo with Elder Hamilton of the Seventy

Thank you Sister Foote for these two pictures!  Crazy missionaries.

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