Monday, March 14, 2016

3/14/16 - Pause button, Pinky Promise, and Another Testament

Aiza kosa efa vita ny Vacance!!!!

Hey y'all!  Well, vacation is over.  Haha!  We got back to Mahajanga on Wednesday and are just way pumped to work our hearts out.  Elder Anderson and I came up with a lot of goals that we want to accomplish and we really just want to go out with a bang!  Elder Anderson goes home on May 4th but will probably be back in Tana at the end of next month so we really only have a little over a month left together.  I'm blown away with how fast time goes.  It's not too long till my sister Lindsay graduates, then summer is here, and I go home, then start BYU BABY!!!  If anyone finds the pause button please send it on the next flight to Madagascar!  I want to give a shout out to Bradah Damon Hooker who got his call to Taiwan! Congrats bro!

- Tuesday we got to have a soiree with Manda!  My Malagasy mom missed me a ton.  :)  We almost couldn't have dinner with her because we couldn't find a member help to go with us.  Me and Elder Anderson surprised Jewels and brought him with us!  We had a great time catching up with them.  

- We are teaching a new family.  Erik and Fanja are the parents.  Erik is way cool.  He's like an army buff dude.  We are really trying to get him interested in reading the Book of Mormon.  We got to read scriptures with them last Friday and they are understanding.  They are asking questions and we can see their faith slowly growing.  They actually go to a different church.  It's called The Song of Jesus Church.  Never heard of it but they are very interested in learning about what we believe and we are hoping to see more progress.

- Saholy is doing great!  She is doing her homework and notices the spirit with her when she reads.  She is starting to include her kids a lot more.  Three of her children came to church.  I love teaching this family.  Elder Anderson was surprised with how well she is progressing and we are both very  proud of her.  We hope to baptize them next month!  We'll see.

- Tsihita and his family are still doing good.  They see a need now for another testament of Jesus Christ.  They are really wanting to read The Book of Mormon.  Tsihita downloaded gospel library and reads it on his tablet.  It's way interesting when they react to relationships between The Book of Mormon and the Bible.  For example, we taught them about baptism.  The Bible doesn't say anything about children being baptized but The Book of Mormon explains it better.  We showed them how Lehi lived during the time of King Zedekiah and they saw that the story continues in The Book of Mormon.  They were blown away and it was a way good feeling :)

- Julian is still way cool.  He loves reading The Book of Mormon with us and then we help clear things up.  We're trying to get him to church now.

- Church was good.  We had 2 less-actives come back to church. Ulrich has been less active for a long time.  We went to his house and made him pinky promise to come to church and he did :)  Jean Mark came today as well.  I think he's finally run out of excuses for not coming to church so he came.  Haha!

- We ate sea turtle at Hardys!  Yum!!!!!

Love you guys a ton!  Have a great week!  Bisous bisous!

Elder Mack

Waiting in Nosy Be for our plane

Working out at the gym with Elder Nelson and Elder Evans

We visited Mama Tendry in Ambohimangakely

My mom in Betongolo made heart shaped waffles for us

Soire at Mandas!!  It was hard to teach Jewels how to use the camera.  Haha!

Where is Stefano going on his mission???  We brought his mission call back from Tana.

He's going to Cote d'Ivoire!!! (It's in Africa by Ghana)

Pizza delivery from Marcos!!!

everyone loves the ukulele

teaching primary

Sea turtle is way delicious!  In Malagasy it's called Fano.

We went looking for these guys on P-Day and found them hiding from the sun in a broken down boat

Under the pier in the shade

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