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3/29/16 - Easter, Transfers, & Doing God's Will

Elder Mack said Monday all of the cybers were closed because of Easter so they were allowed to email on Tuesday.

Salama Daholo ary tratra ny Paque!

Hey y'all!  Happy Easter!  I hope everyone had a great time thinking of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ on this special holiday and spending time with family!  Well, it's transfers again!  I will be with Elder Anderson till he's done!  It's so weird to think that he is almost done - him and Elder Wootan.  I will see Elder Wootan at BYU which will be way cool and way fun.  Elder Liao is going back to Tana, Elder Snell is going to Antsirabe (lucky duck!).  We had a fun week.

- Monday we had a goodbye dinner with Stefano.  He left to Tana on Friday.  He will be a great misssionary in Cote d'Ivoire. 

- We taught a new family.  The dad's name is Asana.  We had a great first lesson.  He asked a lot of good questions.  He is muslim but a less active one and it's probably because he doesn't agree with some of their traditions.  He told us he believes in the New Testament and that Jesus is our Savior and Redeemer as well as the Son of God.  Way weird but cool!  He asked a lot of questions about God and after the lesson and testimonies he said that he really wants his wife in the next lesson to hear our message.

- We taught a less active man named Patrique.  He has been less active for a while but he told us that he doesn't like where his life is and he wants to go on a mission.  He came back to church! :)

- Arlett is one of our special investigators. She was living with this guy named Diam.  He was taught and wanted to get baptized. Since they are not legally married, it was either they get married or they split up which of course they did not want to.  But they split up and he got baptized. Arlett was not interested whatsoever.  Diam got to the point where he got the priesthood but then Arlett moves back with him but still won't get married so now he can't use his priesthood. She has been taught but she's not trying to find out the truth.  It's kinda sad.  During the last lesson we taught them about the will of God and not doing our own will.  We explained that it is the will of God for all of us to be married. We had her write an entire list of why it's good to get married and then they wrote a long list. Then we asked them to write what's bad about marriage.  They couldn't think of one.  So what's stopping them?!  Tsy fantatro akory!!!

- The highlight of the week has to be our first lesson with Felicia.  She is a referral from President Foote.  When President came here a few months ago he contacted Felica at the hotel he stayed at and she wrote her info on a paper and he stuck it in his pocket.  He forgot to pass it to the missionaries. When he came back a week ago he saw her again and she wondered why missionries didn't stop by.  President then looks in his pocket and the note was still there.  They both laughed and then Sunday President hands us that paper.  We contact her and she is way cool.  She loves to laugh but she also loves to learn.  We get there and automatically become best friends.  She had her Bible and a notebook ready to learn.  She already told us that she wants to change. She told us she has a smoking problem and she has asked for help from God but she feels he hasn't answered. We expalined to her that God works in mysterious ways and a lot of times he answers prayers through his servants so we told her that we would help and she was really happy about that.

Well guys have a great week!  Love ya!  Bisous bisous!
Elder Mack

Flooding pic - it rained really hard one day

We had an appointment with a less active so we removed our shoes, rolled up our pants and were off

Sending off Stefano

Hawaiian Spiderman!

Best of friends #candidpicsfodays

Greeting our peeps

Shhh...  zzzzz...

Me and Elder Wootan #byubros

The pier!  We be fishin!  #caughtnotin which was way sad cause Malagasies had just string, a hook, and baby shrimp and they were catching a lot.

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